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Relaxation and Sleep Go Hand in Hand


It is not difficult to notice in one’s self and in others that feeling relaxed and sleeping well tend to go hand in hand.


Feelings of nervousness and irritability can be easily induced by denying certain key nutrients or throwing them out of balance. So, for someone seeking a normal sleep pattern, a good place to start would be to know about these nutrients and the ways in which some of them work together – so as to have some recognition of deficiencies and imbalances and be able to avoid or correct them.


A primary nutrient associated with good sleep is calcium. Here is a quote from famous nutritionist Adelle Davis (Let’s Get Well, chapter 22) on the subject (which also highlights how calcium and magnesium work together):


“Calcium is essential for the relaxation of nerve tissue, whereas magnesium is particularly involved with the normal function of the brain, spinal cord and all nerves. Our average daily intake of magnesium appears to be only half of the adult requirement. Because alcohol causes a high urinary loss of magnesium, nervousness resulting from this deficiency is especially common among social drinkers.


“Magnesium deficiencies, produced by meals consisting of “enriched” white bread, macaroni, spaghetti, noodles, tapioca, sugar, honey and hydrogenated fats, cause volunteers to become overly keyed up, high strung, unable to sleep, and jumpy at the slightest noise.”


“Such symptoms – call them nervousness or what you will – palliated (relieving or soothing the symptoms of a disease or disorder without effecting a cure – American Heritage dictionary) by tranquilizers only become worse. When endured, they bring unhappiness, loss of patience, and irritability. Corrected by simple nutrition improvements, they are often gone in a few days or sometimes even in hours.”


While calcium tablets alone will sometimes improve sleep, especially when first taken, this can eventually cause an artificial shortage of magnesium with the resulting nervousness, putting things back to square one.


A better solution is a supplement that balances calcium and magnesium 2:1 elementally plus a mild acid base for good absorption. As both calcium and magnesium are alkaline, they need some acid to adjust the pH so that they can be absorbed. Vitamin C works well for this.


It is also vital to get a good fish oil supplement as well as the vitamin D in it is needed to absorb calcium into the gut and the essential fats in it are needed to help pull the calcium into the tissues and bones. (If you get cold sores or other similar breakouts, that is a sign that your calcium is low in your tissues that could be a signal that you need more calcium or fish oil – or both.)


With the lack of science regarding “imbalanced brain chemicals”, as highlighted by Dr Thomas Szasz in his book The Manufacture of Madness, anyone experiencing irritability, mood instability, nervousness could benefit by ensuring their nutrition is adequate before resorting to psychotropic drugs with their many side effects as laid out in standard pharmacologies.


Instant CalMag-C


Why Instant CalMag-C? Well, that’s because it works instantly. Literally within 30 minutes most people feel the calming effects. Why is that? Basically, it’s the combination of minerals: two parts calcium gluconate to one part magnesium carbonate with vitamin C. In other words, it’s a 2:1 combination of calcium and magnesium along with the acid (vitamin C) needed for it to be used by the body. It has already been broken down and is ready for immediate absorption.


Anyone who has problems sleeping should ensure they’re getting a proper calcium and magnesium combination.


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Disclaimer: Please note that we are not doctors. Should you have any illness or disease, please refer to your medical practitioner for the advice. The only advice we give is purely educational but we do recommend that you find yourself a practitioner who understands nutrition in relation to disease.

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