Sleep, Pain, Exercise and Visit to Dentist

Hi, my name is Bob and I wanted to talk a bit about the Instant CalMag product.  Desiree has helped me a lot with some of my health issues and she got me taking the Instant Calmag. It’s probably about four years ago now.

I noticed when I first started taking it that it helped tremendously with my sleep. I could really get a good night’s sleep and also it helped with my back pain. I’ve had a lot of back pain for the last 30 years due to a bulging disk so it helped relax my back and my muscles and so forth. It just made me more relaxed all around and, like I said, gave me better sleep too. That’s one of the things I really liked about it right off the bat. I just really had a good night’s sleep.

Here a while back, Desiree and I were talking and I mentioned to her I was going to the dentist and that I had to have a tooth filled and a crown put on one of my teeth. She said I should drink about three glasses of the calmag and that it would help. I didn’t put a lot of attention on it but I thought, “Well, you know, it couldn’t hurt.” So, that day I drank a glass in the morning then a couple of hours later I drank another glass and then I drank a third glass.

So I went to the dentist and I was very relaxed, you know. Normally, I’m a little bit tense from holding my mouth open and it’s kind of not like I’m fighting the dentist but I’m not very comfortable. I noticed that it was a lot easier to hold my mouth open while he worked on the tooth.

After the dental work was done, I went back home and the Novocaine started wearing off and I noticed that my jaw – the area around my jaw where he worked on my tooth – wasn’t sore because normally it would be sore and it would ache from having to hold my mouth open in an awkward position. I didn’t have any of that. I was not uncomfortable at all.

It just felt as if I hadn’t had the dental work done. The only way I could tell that I’d had it done was that my gum-line was a bit sore, which is normal, from him working on the tooth but I could not believe the difference it made not having those tense jaw muscles. I was really surprised.

It was almost unbelievable but it worked really great.

Another thing, I felt so good I did my exercise routine that day. I normally wouldn’t do my exercises after having dental work done like that. I just wanted to let her know and I think it’s really great stuff and I really appreciate it.

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