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The inability to sleep can be caused by almost any health condition, including things like depression, heartburn, cancer, asthma, arthritis, muscle and back pain – to name a few.  Other things that can lead to sleep difficulties are the side effects from medications, or drug and alcohol use, as well as a high sugar or refined carb (starchy food) consumption.


Besides the B vitamins being essential for good sleep, calcium and magnesium also play a big role in helping you sleep well.  Calcium and magnesium are both essential for the nerves to function normally and they cannot work without each other. Both are needed in the correct ratio and in the correct pH balance to work. These two minerals are part of the nerve messenger system and if they’re deficient, the nerves can’t relax, which makes it impossible to sleep or have a restful night’s sleep.

The harm done by sleeping tablets, to say nothing of the thousands of dollars spent annually on them, could largely be avoided if the calcium and magnesium intake is adequate and they are in a form that can be absorbed by your body. The list of side effects has to be seen to be believed with most of them. One of the side effects is the destruction of nutrients in the body, robbing your body of energy too.

The wrong type of calcium can also worsen the problem.


The intense nervousness caused by a lack of magnesium can make it impossible to fall asleep. Anyone low in magnesium becomes very sensitive to noise and wakes at the slightest sound – like many babies do. Calcium and magnesium also help to prevent or relieve leg cramps and muscular spasms of the toes or feet (Charley horses) which frequently wake some people or prevent them from falling asleep. That includes restless legs.


The high consumption of refined foods (particularly sugar, alcohol, refined carbs – starchy food) can create deficiencies in calcium and magnesium as well as other vitally important nutrients. Being deficient in these minerals and the B vitamins increases the craving for sugar and alcohol. It’s mostly got to do with your blood sugar level.

Poor dietary habits and deficiencies play havoc with your blood sugar and when it drops too much, the desire to have sugar or alcohol increases. These just drop the blood sugar level even further after an initial spurt. This also makes it impossible to sleep. A properly balanced blood sugar level is necessary for energy production as low blood sugar affects your brain. Believe it or not, you need energy to fall asleep too.

Ever felt really tired but couldn’t sleep?



Potassium cannot be retained by the cells unless magnesium is also present. Because magnesium is necessary to keep potassium in the muscle cells, similar changes occur when magnesium is deficient. Without adequate magnesium, the potassium leaves the cells, creating in them an artificial potassium deficiency, making it even harder to fall asleep.

Adding B-Complex vitamins and supplementing your diet with a good calcium and magnesium  supplement in the proper ratio and the correct pH balance can go a long way to helping you sleep better. Adequate calcium and magnesium absorption by the body also increases the absorption of the B-Complex vitamins. The key is absorption into the body so it can actually use these vital nutrients.

Instant CalMag-C

Instant CalMag-C calcium and magnesium supplement provides both the doctor-recommended 2:1 ratio of calcium to magnesium and has the correct pH balance that the body needs for optimum absorption. The Vitamin C is what makes Instant CalMag-c’s pH balance perfect. No digestion is necessary as it is ready for immediate absorption.

You can test how quickly it works by giving a hyperactive child a glass of it and see how quickly the nervy jumpy behavior calms down.

Each 7 oz. bottle of Instant CalMag-C calcium and magnesium supplement contains 40, 5g doses. It does not contain any sugar, wheat, yeast, gluten or aspartame and is safe for all ages – from baby to granny! Everyone can enjoy the benefits of Instant CalMag-C and it’s also safe for diabetics. In fact, it’s essential for them.

It’s as easy to make as a cup of tea! Simply add boiling water to one teaspoon in a cup and stir for a few seconds until dissolved. You can drink it straight, add your favorite tea, or chill it with ice and add your favorite (unsweetened) juice. Whatever you do, don’t add sugar, otherwise you will just cancel out the benefits.

Treat yourself and your family to the many benefits of Instant CalMag-C and put a coating on everyone’s nerves. Order some today and feel the difference!


“I really like your product. I now have my son, daughter, sister and my mother using CalMag-C. It has been a god-send. I first had my 16-year-old son use it when we drove 3 hours to check out a college for him. He was so keyed up when we got to the hotel the night before he couldn’t get to sleep. Instant CalMag-C made him relax so he could go to sleep.

“I originally started using it because I have a bad back that keeps me in bed laying flat and sometimes I have problems sleeping, because of the pain. It helped me immediately. Thank you for a great product that has helped me so much.”

BF, Cape Coral, FL

This stuff is TERRIFIC!! Not only did I sleep better but I FELT invigorated. My cousin who was with me, and is on 19 different medications for heart and diabetes, stated it helped her also.”

N.H., Brighton

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“I’m really so happy with Instant CalMag-C. It’s not only that my back pain has almost disappeared, I also sleep better and feel much better during my daywork. I’m much more relaxed and simply happy. I suffered from muscle stiffness and the resultant back pain for more than four years now. I can’t believe that this suffering is coming to an end now! Be sure I’m going to be your most faithful customer.”

CG, Fairfax, VA

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