Sleep 8 Hours But Woke Up Exhausted?

We all stay up past our bedtimes at some point. Some of us more than others, in fact.

And, sometimes, more often than we would like, we have to get up super early in spite of it. But sleep can always be recouped somehow, even if not until the weekend. The real sleep issues are those of quality, not quantity of sleep. What about those times when you sleep 8 hours and then wake up as though you hadn’t slept at all? What about waking up exhausted? What causes this phenomenon and how can it be remedied?

What is the purpose of sleep?

Sleep is not a process in itself. It is a series of processes – a cycle. It is designed to allow the body to repair “the ravages of the day” caused by wear and tear on the body’s cells. It is a time to rebuild and rejuvenate and make you ready to meet the next day’s demands. It quickly becomes apparent, then, how a breakdown of sleep can cause issues. In absence of such rejuvenation, the body will be less able to deal with the stresses and demands of the day. Over time this can become quite an issue.

What happens if the body cannot refresh?

Did you ever stay up all night or get very little sleep? Whether to meet a deadline or just from staying out way too late, the effects were the same. How did you feel physically and emotionally?

Moodiness, lack of mental focus, weakness and overall exhaustion are the most common complaints. Whether or not you know what the process of sleep is for, it becomes readily apparent when it is deficient. Lack of sleep reveals, instantly, what its purposes really are. It can be quite a health risk. If the body cannot repair breakdown of cells and systems from the day’s events, it will not recover and the body will not be able to meet the demands of the next day. On the short term, this may not seem like a crucial issue, but compounded over even a few days or weeks, it can create havoc with health.

What 3 things does the body need to sleep?

This is fairly simple. The body does not have very complicated needs at all. It needs, predominantly, nutrition. This is a balance of vitamins and minerals, preferably from food. The diet, lacking in nutrients, can start this breakdown. Required nutritional elements missing from the diet will not allow for proper sleep regulation nor will it allow for any repairs to take place. Bottom line? The body needs proper nutrition, functioning organs and body systems and a relaxed state, enough to fall into the various stages of sleep.

How to get sleep, plain and simple

There is actually a simplicity. There is no ONE sleep factor that resolves sleep issues. If you wake up exhausted or tired, several things have, likely, broken down. It is seldom one. It would be better to have a checklist of items to check and correct rather than zoning in on a singular factor. Sleep aids and remedies seldom work on the long term for this reason. The best bet is to check that proper nutrition is procured, “junk” is not being ingested, adequate relaxation is being achieved and the body systems are working in cooperation and to optimum levels.

One way to obtain proper nutrition is to ensure your calcium and magnesium levels are in adequate supply. This ensures proper function of hundreds of body processes. Instant CalMag-C is a fast-absorbing mineral supplement that instantly supplies calcium and magnesium to the body ensuring proper function. This can mean the difference between sleep and exhaustion in many cases. Try Instant CalMag-C today and see the difference proper levels of these minerals can make in your life.

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