Several Signs Stress Is Setting In

Stress is so common these days, it seems like a normal fact of life. And, it may well be.

Adverse reactions to it, however, are not normal. It comprises things such as burden, overwork, physical demand and other such factors. When it begins affecting the body, however, something is not normal. How do you know when stress is affecting the body? Here are the most common symptoms to monitor.

Fatigue and Exhaustion, Physical and Mental

Some people call this exhaustion. Fatigue is a sort of physical exhaustion affecting the musculoskeletal system. Muscles are tense, nerves are on-edge and and an overall feeling of extreme tiredness sets in. It can also be a mental state and is a sure sign stress is taking its toll. And, that fatigue can lead to exhaustion, moodiness, irritability and even sleep difficulty.

Minor Pain That “Comes and Goes”

Here is one of the most insidious symptoms that stress has gotten past the body’s defenses and may be taking its toll on the body. This is, perhaps, the most dangerous of all because it seems so minor that there are no worries. The problem is that, if these issues keep returning, though minor in nature, their physical cause remains undetected and unaddressed, and is probably worsening over time.

Here is the start to painful issues years into the future. Here is also the gateway to prevention of health problems of late adulthood.


Even the most minor headache is not a normal condition, but is also a sign that environmental stresses have begun creating an effect. Migraines are a severe form of headache and are naturally assumed to be due to some stress-related issue. Minor headaches experienced every now and again, however, are commonly dismissed as normal. These are the most worrisome, however, as some physical condition causing them is left untreated.

Allergies Too?

Yes, allergies are a symptom of stress, though they seem unrelated. Various hormones released by the Adrenal glands, the stress glands of the body, account for this. These glands have many functions, and when they become over-stressed, the body can develop allergies. Here is a very common symptom, and further evidence that the obvious problem may only be a symptom of a different physical issue that remains hidden and ignored.

What to do when stress is affecting the body

Realizing that problems that are “minor” or that “come and go” should not be regarded as “no big deal” or ignored. These issues are, perhaps, of much greater importance than the more severe, as they signal a different issue that, unaddressed, can worsen over time and become more severe in the near or distant future.

First, checking for obvious factors, such as lack of sufficient sleep or nutrition, should be addressed. Deficiencies of vitamins, minerals and sleep are all factors that open the gateway to stressful influences. Addressing toxic factors such as processed foods and drinks, refined sugars and even medications is another. An even better approach would be to get them checked out by someone who specializes in physical stress issues such as a chiropractor or nutritionist.

The Instant CalMag-C Essential Difference

Regardless of whether the condition is caused by malnutrition, poor sleep quality or even toxic factors, there may be another factor at play. Calcium and magnesium are vital. Without them, there is little defense against stress.

Try Instant CalMag-C today to see how stress levels can be changed and what effects that has on your life. You may just find these symptoms are not only not normal, they are non-existent too!

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