Setting Sail to Discover a New World of Pain Relief

When explorers set sail to discover a New World, they had one quest.

There were only one end and one means. These were their intention and a ship to take them there. And, what lay ahead of them, before their goal, were numerous things which could have gone wrong.

This is true of most things in life. There is usually but one drive and one function but numerous things that can go wrong.

The human body is no exception.

What any good ship’s captain knows is that there are warning signs of these disasters waiting to happen. A creaking of the hull, problems with the rudder and other subtle indicators. These are the warning signs that, ignored can make the rocks or rough seas ahead a complete disaster, keeping the explorers from their discovery.

Such is the case with pain, anywhere in the body. It is an indicator that it won’t be able to stand up to the stresses which lie ahead. And so the body begins to break down from there. And this becomes a failure to accomplish its ends.

There are several sources of pain. There is only one source of function.

Like a ship that is engineered to take on the stress of the open (and often rough) seas, the body is designed to be able to combat environmental pressures and stress to be able to do its job.

One body. One blueprint. One basic function.

Numerous things that could go wrong!

And like a ship with a weakened hull or design flaw can be swallowed by the sea, debarring all efforts to land in a new world, so can the body have its “defects” that set it up to fail at whatever it is trying to do.

So the problem is not just to relieve pain, but to find the functional flaw it indicates!

If bodies are perfect by their blueprint, how come they don’t seem to work that way?

It’s actually quite simple.

Any structure, be it a ship, a building or a bridge, is subject to undue stresses, accidents, design flaws and the like. Designed to take on the environment by blueprint, they can yet have or develop faults in their basic structure.

This affects function.

This is not just by design however. There is one crucial element that is so obvious but everyone misses.

It is the single most overlooked factor in causing breakdowns and prolonged pain.

Not knowing about it all but ensures breakdown…

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Pain and future malfunction is almost guaranteed unless you know this…

What is the single most overlooked factor about malfunction and pain in the body?

It isn’t design. That’s already taken care of.

But once you have a perfect design, and have built according to that design, you need to maintain the structure to ensure it functions.

Proper function is fueled by maintenance.

Bodies, like ships must be maintained and properly operated.

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Maintenance of a body is simple if you understand two things…

Structure and function are the two main areas of focus when it comes to getting the most out of your body. Structure supports function and both are vital.

The basic structure of the body is designed to combat the environment and provide a safe operating environment for basic functions to happen. Then the functions themselves need fuel.

Your muscular system, for instance, needs the support of the basic structure. It needs it to be stable and in a precise position for the muscles to do their job.

But this process doesn’t just happen automatically. It requires FUEL.

This fuel comes in the form of nutrients gotten from digestion, another process that requires structure and fuel.

Like a ship needs a strong, well-maintained structure AND wind to push it forward, so does the body need good structure and fuel to propel it toward its goals.

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Set sail for discovery and find a new world of wellness!

When pain sets in, even if it’s minor or comes and goes, it is an indicator of the future.

Discovering your structural and nutritional imbalances is key to success on your journey wherever it takes you. Will you make it to your goals, or will the sea swallow you up? You are actually in control of the outcome.

When it comes to fueling function, nothing seems to have more power than calcium and magnesium which, together, fuel more than 300 major body functions. Obviously their deficiency can be disastrous.

Drinking Instant CalMag-C supplement beverage is an excellent way to get these minerals, fast. Its formula is based on the body’s requirements for fast absorption and immediate use of these minerals.

Imagine what it can do if either of these minerals are deficient. The results can be an entire New World of function.

Drink Instant CalMag-C and see where it may take you!

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