Seasonal Allergies May Be Inside Out

Are allergens really in the environment, or are they closer to home?

Springtime brings more than just a fresh start. It brings trouble for many allergy sufferers.

We know all the buzzwords this time of year: pollen, allergens, hay fever. And, we tend to look to the environment for the causes of these symptoms. But what if the answers were a little closer?

Since a majority of people do not suffer with such allergies, not only are they not normal, they indicate internal malfunction. Locating the malfunction, therefore, becomes key and opens the door to more than relief. It may be a key to riddance!

Is the answer to allergies really out in the external environment?

While certain pollens, dust, dander and the like may be irritants to some, it is actually a predisposition to such irritation that is the issue.

Understanding the constructs of allergies in terms of body function helps with grasping why they occur. Malfunction in the body is key.

Let’s look at what types of malfunction could result in allergies…

Stress isn’t the mother of all malfunction but is a close cousin…

Stress is “known” by many to “cause” health problems but it is more of a troublemaker than a “trouble-causer” or sorts.

Stress on the body tends to break down its defenses. The immune system is on the front line of attack.

One study even suggests that a mineral deficiency, particularly magnesium, plays a major role in allergy reactions.

This is not a surprise considering the well over 300 body processes this mineral alone is responsible for. Conclusively the immune system, in its inability to deal with histamines, is triggered by a source problem.

Sources of stress that can lead to allergies

Exhaustion, lack of sleep and emotional stress are among the top stressors. Malnutrition ranks up there with these as well. Anything, really, that can weaken the immune system is a potential culprit.

With magnesium being a paramount mineral in the relaxation of the body, and the function of its muscles and nerves, is it any surprise that its deficiency can cause allergies?

What to do about seasonal allergies

First, don’t wait for Spring to do something about your seasonal allergies. Remedies should not be seasonal. Develop habits that last all year.

Get rest, eat properly and exercise. Reduce stress and avoid stressful activities.

How to get magnesium

Eating magnesium rich foods is a simple fix. But sometimes it isn’t enough. Soil depletion leaves some mineral-rich foods bereft of the power they once had. Supplementation can help.

With magnesium, the key is to get it in the form required by the body and to have it in conjunction with a proper combining form of calcium.

Instant Calmag-C is formulated with the body’s requirements for absorption in mind and creates a supplement that delivers magnesium to the body instantly. Put into use fast, the body has a chance at being stress-free which can make all the difference with those seasonal allergies.

Try Instant Calmag-C all year long and the seasons may longer matter!

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