Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS)

RLS (RESTLESS LEG SYNDROME), SLEEP:I have suffered from severe restless leg syndrome (RLS) since I was a teen.  As I aged, the condition only worsened.  While I found some relief from prescription drugs, the relief was temporary and prescription drugs have their fair share of side effects.  Moreover, I had concerns about the extended use of the medications (anti-Parkinsonian agents) used to control my RLS.

“After struggling with RLS for over a decade, it became clear this would be a life-long battle and I desired to find a natural way to control my symptoms.  A little over a year ago, I discontinued use of my prescription medications and began taking CalMag-C twice a day.  After about 4 weeks, I noticed a decrease in my RLS symptoms and within 8 weeks I was sleeping better than I have in years!

“I attribute the improvement in my RLS to CalMag-C and have the peace of mind that comes with taking a natural supplement.  And, of course, my bones as well as other tissues and organs are benefiting from CalMag-C at the same time!  Thank you for making this easy supplement available at an affordable cost.  And now for my CalMag-C recipe…I like to top off the hot drink with pineapple juice!”

Lori D, Colorado

More About Restless Legs

If you or someone you love is suffering this agonizing condition, relief could be at hand. Let me explain.

Your brain is the central communication system of your body. Think of it as a switchboard. And, just as a switchboard operator answers the phone and directs a call, messages are sent from your brain to specific organs, glands, muscles and limbs.

An example would be when you feel tired and are ready for sleep, you lie down and your brain sends a message to your muscles to relax. Messages are also sent from your organs, glands, muscles and limbs to your brain.

For example, if you burn yourself on a hot stove, a message is sent to your brain to notify it that you’re touching a hot surface and your brain then sends a message back to lift your hand.

When this system is functioning properly, it is like a super highway: smooth and fast, with no slows or stops. But super highways need constant upkeep. Without maintenance, there can be closed lanes, detours and delays.

Your nervous system needs materials for maintenance and repair – constantly. It is very dependent on certain nutrients, two of which are calcium and magnesium. 

Deficiencies of these two minerals can result in the messages getting disrupted or totally corrupted. The result?

Restless legs (RLS) and, very often, insomnia, pain, etc.

Handling deficiencies of calcium and magnesium is vital and many RLS sufferers get almost instant relief when taking a calcium and magnesium supplement that is balanced and properly formulated.

Instant CalMag-C is balanced so that your body can absorb the calcium and magnesium and you can feel the difference instantly. We make it with the correct proportions of calcium and magnesium (2:1 ratio) plus vitamin C to adjust the pH so it can be absorbed.

That is why we get such good results!

Remember to keep Instant CalMag-C on hand at home and at work!

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Restless Leg Syndrome, Sleep, Anxiety, Muscle Relaxant: “Ever since I was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma back in August of 2010, I started suffering from Restless Leg Syndrome. It makes me so miserable because I can never get comfortable enough to fall asleep.  I’d move my legs back and forth for hours, get up and down out of bed and end up not getting any restful sleep. My doctors tried numerous pharmaceutical options and of course they’d knock me out or wouldn’t do a thing for my condition.

“Upon research for my condition I came across Instant CalMag-C and I ordered it and was shocked the first time I used it. Wow, it worked! I didn’t have any symptoms of RLS and was able to sleep through the night. I have been using this product for a while now and feel more than confident telling you that it is freaking awesome and works wonders. I turned my parents onto Instant CalMag-C for digestion and anxiety.  They love it and use it daily as a natural muscle relaxant.

“I also encouraged my husband who suffers from insomnia to try it and he’s the first one warming the water and mixing our evening dose. He says it allows him to get a full night’s rest without interruption. This is a miracle because he has done it all from relaxation techniques to heavy duty sleep meds, which never really worked out.  Contact me and I will talk to you about Instant CalMag-C. I’m living proof this actually works.”

KB, California

RESTLESS LEGS, PMS, SLEEP, CRAMPS: “Both my husband and I take Instant CalMag-C. We LOVE it. He has restless leg syndrome and this has helped a great deal.  I sleep so sound and it seems to have helped with some PMS for myself- cramps and so on.”

Leslie K, Wisconsin

MUSCLE SPASMS, CHARLEY HORSES:Well, I took 2 doses yesterday.  Anyhow, I hit the bed at 11:15 pm, woke at 6 wake up in the morning. Normally, I can feel the magnesium pills that I took the night before wearing off and “usually” the right leg/foot is about to have severe muscle tightening/spasms.  Some people call it “charley horses”. I’ve learned the hard way that the severe spasms will start somewhere within the next 30 minutes.

“I can ALWAYS feel it when the spasm is approaching….. and I’ll usually just get up right before the “assault” hits!  The 30-minute danger zone.

“Well…since I was now testing the CalMag-C, I could “sense” that it was wearing off (same feeling as with the pills) and I wanted to see just how long it would be before the terrible spasms hit me. Well, I laid there in bed…waiting, waiting, waiting.  I waited there in bed for over TWO hours!

“There were NO spasms!!! WOW!!! “THAT told me that the CalMag-C had “treated” the muscles to a point where they wouldn’t tighten up/spasm as they had done before.

“This is a HUGE win for me!!! “I’ve only been takin’ the stuff for two days and can see that it’s already started to do its magic!  Outstanding!”

Wayne A, South Carolina

RESTLESS LEG SYNDROME: “Yes, I did receive the CalMag-C and it’s a very good product. I drink a cup of it every day. I previously experienced what is called “restless leg syndrome”.“I think possibly that condition should be called “lack of calcium and magnesium syndrome” because since drinking the CalMag I don’t experience that discomfort any more. If I go without drinking the CalMag for four or five days it starts up again which proves to me that lack of these nutrients is the source of the trouble.I find that the CalMag-C generally causes a feeling of physical relaxation, less muscle tension, steady heartbeat – all good things for a runner or any athlete.

Great product!” 


PW, Massachusetts

RESTLESS LEGS: “Sometimes when I go to bed I turn on these uncomfortable nervous waves/nervous twitching in my legs – what medical folks now call “restless leg syndrome”. This condition makes it very difficult to fall asleep. Amazingly, if I get up and drink a glass of CalMag-C, within 5 minutes the nervousness is gone.  Don’t take drugs for this!  It’s a nutritional deficiency.”

JB, Florida

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