Relax With These 3 M’s When Tense or Stressed Out

Whether trying to go to sleep or simply calm down, it is sometimes tough to relax.

There are few who don’t complain of some sort of stress, and even fewer who don’t have some plan to get rest and relaxation. But how to accomplish it? These three M’s just may help you remember how to relax.


Muscles are often the first affected areas by stress, creating a reaction to incoming stressful situations. This is a major barrier. This may happen directly or indirectly via the nerves which transmit messages from the brain “telling” muscles to contract or relax. Any physical barriers to this process can cause such communication to diminish to below 50% in many cases, causing malfunction and, above all, tense muscles. To relax muscles, a couple of approaches could be taken.


The most logical thing one would think to do with muscles that can’t relax would be to massage them. Massage therapy, particularly deep tissue massage, penetrates deep into tense muscles and can get them to relax rather easily, if temporarily. Tension caused indirectly via nerve interference can be more complicated, however, and massage can have limited effectiveness as a result. A longer term solution is needed to keep muscles in a state of relaxation.


Magnesium has become known as a “calming” or “relaxation” mineral. Its effects on muscles are to get them to relax. This is not as simple as it seems. This is but half the function the body requires. Tension, though uncomfortable when it comes to stress, is a necessary condition to moving the body around. Contraction is just as important as relaxation and there must be balance between them. Nevertheless, where regards magnesium deficiency, anyone can have a difficult time relaxing.

The 3 M’s to relax and get stress-free

When muscles become tense, there are two things which can help: massage and magnesium. Massage, however, is only as effective as a lasting result is created. In absence of magnesium, the effects of massage can be limited. Magnesium added, along with a proper balance of calcium along with a few other environmental conditions within the body, relaxation is yet possible.

So, relax, Instant CalMag-C is a fast-absorbing, mineral supplement which utilizes precise forms of calcium and magnesium in an exact 2:1 ratio with vitamin C to help balance these in pH to match the body. The result is dozens of body processes getting support they need and relaxed muscles. And when they can, you can!

Try it today and see if you can relax for a change.

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