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Chiropractor and Athlete:CalMag-C is a product that I am very excited about and I use as an essential supplement for my training.  I feel so strongly about CalMag-C that I am compelled to dedicate an entire page on my site to share the volumes of research and benefits of this product!

“I use CalMag-C primarily as a mineral replacement, especially in summer months when I am losing high volumes of fluid while training.  It helps aid my recovery from long runs and essentially “cures” muscle cramping.  While using this supplement I discovered that my sleep patterns improved dramatically. I was waking up less during the night (which was always a problem for me after exceptionally hard training sessions) and my overall muscle soreness was reduced.  Patients of mine know that I do not endorse a product unless I am truly committed to it.  How could I not be excited to share this with my patients?

“What is it?  Quite simply, CalMag-C is a calcium/magnesium supplement with vitamin C.  That’s it!  No medication,  no narcotics, no pharmaceuticals AND NO SIDE EFFECTS!!  And CalMag-C is not just for athletes.”

Dr TL, Chiropractor and Athlete, Pennsylvania (Nine time Boston Marathon Qualifier, former Super League Rugby Champion and fitness enthusiast)

Gladiator Participant and Trainer:Because of the nature of the sport I participate in, I am inclined to suffer from sore muscles and joints but taking Instant CalMag-C helps immensely. I religiously take it and it’s also important for muscle function. I very, very seldom become ill. This in itself says a great deal as athletes often suffer from ailments due to the stress they place on their bodies.”

JH, Bruma – Gladiator Participant and Trainer

Electrolytes: There are two main sets of nutrients “electrolytes” in the body: calcium/magnesium and salt/potassium. They are basically minerals or electrolytes and are the main things the body uses for smooth muscle function. Shortages of any one will cause cramping. If you get a cramp, it is almost always one of the four that is short.

In each set, one works for contraction and the other for relaxation. Before cramps start, you might get a slight co-ordination problem. It can start with hand or eyelid tremors and then move onto irritable bowels, restless legs and then to cramps and then chronic muscle pain.

There are two main sets of nutrients or “electrolytes” in the body: calcium/magnesium and salt/potassium. They are basically minerals and are the main things the body uses for smooth muscle function. Shortages of any one will cause cramping. Sodium and potassium can be short, but most of us are short of calcium  and magnesium to some degree – due to the fact that modern diets are high in sugar and starch which inhibit calcium and magnesium absorption and, in fact, actually deplete them. Sugar and starch use up hydrochloric acid in the stomach and then there is not enough left over for proper calcium absorption so we end up short of calcium and magnesium because they work together and need the acid for a proper pH range so they can be absorbed.

Calcium and magnesium cover so many functions in the body that without them many little things can go wrong that are accepted as “normal” but are quite unnecessary, so a balanced calcium and magnesium supplement with the right pH balance, like Instant CalMag-C, makes good sense.

Both Calcium and Magnesium are Alkaline: Because of this they need a little acid to get them back to neutral so they can dissolve and be absorbed. If you don’t get it like this, the calcium can form stones in your kidneys and/or deposit in your joints and other places such as behind your eyes and so on. This is a very important factor when using calcium.

We have used vitamin C and citric acid – so they are natural with no side effects. The body has to have calcium, magnesium and vitamin C – and citric acid is nice to take.

Instant CalMag-C Formulation: With this formulation we get it into the blood stream within 10 minutes. You could say instantly. That’s why it’s called Instant CalMag-C.

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