Reasons for Sciatica, Hip and Leg Pain Revealed, Relief and Prevention Not Far Behind

Non-chronic leg issues can seem like something you have to live with, but do you really?

Sciatic issues come in many forms, from non-chronic leg numbness, tingling, “restlessness” and pain, to numerous knee and foot issues.

So many manifestations. So few explanations.

But who cares?

After all, they’re not chronic, nor do they interfere with things you do, right? Here is just another life factor attendant to old age, sitting at a desk all day or “wear and tear” on the body.

Still, haven’t you wondered why we must live with them at all?

Inescapable sciatic issues are nonetheless an iron-clad reality until one factor cracks it apart: if they occur because of any of these reasons, wouldn’t everyone have them?

Just as a car can remain in a state of disrepair for lack of knowledge on how a working engine functions, so do your symptoms become “permanent” for lack of understanding of how an ideal body works.

In either case, studying function (rather than malfunction) puts a solution within our grasp.

What is Sciatica and why is it such a pain?

Nearly everyone has heard of “Sciatica” at least once and many have even suffered its effects.

But the first thing to understand about it is that it is a description of a cause, not a problem in and of itself.

To clarify, consider the most common manifestations of this condition:

– Hip or leg pain – Numbness or “tingling” in legs or feet – Restless legs – Knee or ankle joint issues – Foot problems

These are commonly considered a description of Sciatica when in actuality they are merely symptoms of it.

The condition itself is something else entirely, one which causes these manifestations.

To understand how to remedy it, we need to examine what it is in terms of malfunction. And for that, we must first understand function.

So, let’s look at the way your lower extremities should function…

To solve illness, you must first understand wellness. Malfunction and function are no different.

When your computer crashes, why don’t you fix it yourself?

If you think about it, it’s not because you don’t know how to fix a computer. While you know how to operate one, it’s that you really don’t know how one works.

Face it. You know how to use your body for whatever it is you need it to do. And you do know some of its basic needs and fulfill them. But do you know how it works and, for that matter, how it’s supposed to work?

What is Sciatica really?

The bottom line is that the body functions because of the nervous system, something tantamount to a circuit board in your computer. With your brain being the “motherboard”, the network of nerves stemming from it are the “circuitry” it uses to conduct its processes. It is about as simple as that.

Your spinal cord, at the base of your spine, could be considered to “split in two” then continuing through your hips and legs all the way to your feet.

In proper working condition, nerve energy (actual electricity) flows back and forth from and back to the brain, carrying vital “commands” for proper body function.

Common issues along this channel, especially in the lower back, can cause problems along the sciatic nerve. This is malfunction at its core and is a breakdown of communication between brain and body.

The manifestationss one experiences are merely symptoms of it, just as when your monitor won’t illuminate because of a breakdown of circuitry. The monitor is perfectly good but its malfunction is a symptom of a different problem.

What may be causing sciatic issues?

Issues in the lower back, such as minor injuries to the discs or slight displacements of the spine, can cause irritation of the sciatic nerve. Manifestations of this are pain in that area but also postural imbalances. Poor posture is a classic indicator of imbalance.

Nutritional deficiencies can also be at play. Nerve energy essentially runs on and is propelled along the nerves by the minerals calcium and magnesium. Absence or deficiency of these minerals is a leading culprit.

Sometimes it isn’t one or the other. It’s a combination of many of these facets.

Solving Sciatica, hip, leg and foot issues starts with knowing the basics and ends with using them to your advantage…

Understanding function we can sort out malfunction fairly easily as can be seen from the examples given here.

Structural and nutritional factors understood in their ideal can instantly reveal weakness and breakdown and make solutions more obvious and definitely within reach.

As for the mineral issues, calcium and magnesium are a “dynamic duo” of mineral power and are a tandem act in terms of ideal body function.

Responsible for literally hundreds of body processes, they are of paramount importance to obtain and use in ideal form and ample quantity, especially under the specific conditions in which the body absorbs and uses them. It is a precision function to say the least.

Instant CalMag-C is formulated based on this very precise and specific requirement and works with he body’s natural process of absorbing and utilizing these minerals, providing it with the proper form and combination.

The result is instant absorption upon drinking this easy-to-mix mineral supplement beverage, which means instant utilization and result, especially when deficiency is a factor.

Try Instant CalMag-C today to see what malfunctions may sort out when these vital minerals are once again supplied.

Perhaps you don’t have to “live with it” after all when it comes to many of the manifestations that make you feel like do!

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