Professional Painters on Calcium

Regarding Calcium “We rely on this Instant CalMag-C More and More… I feel better within an hour…” 


Mary and her husband have been professional painter for years and have come to rely on Instant CalMag-C for their calcium and magnesium supplementation. See Mary’s story in the video above.

Mary discusses the increase of pain with age as well as how she handles any type of pain with supplementation using the Instant CalMag-C.

My husband is 67 and I am 60. We discovered Instant CalMag-C

If you’re doing heavy work, or as you get older you get aches and pains. I used to take 1 teaspoon per day and now I’m up to 3. And I find if I have a creak in my knee or my hip feels funny or my shoulder hurts… if I just drink a cup of it I feel better within an hour. I sometimes forget what I had.

I think in all honesty, a lot of people should be aware of this and use it. Help their baby’s and their teens through the teenage years.

For me now as I’m getting older I find its getting even more critical for me.

I thought I would just tell people – try this product. It really does work.

– Mary Fitzgerald

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