Post-Holiday Blues Surprisingly No Longer a ‘Gray Area’

The Holidays may have left you ‘in the red’ overall, but they shouldn’t end up blue!

Many of us have experienced the let-down from the end of the Holiday season. And the “Post-Holiday Blues” (as they have been colloquially come to be known) have affected the best of us. But they are by no means an excuse to except them as a condition we must live with.

While, yes, there is indeed a loss involved when families coming together finally depart, the residual disappointment should not be long-lasting. And it certainly shouldn’t manifest itself physically.

Yet many still “carry” their stress physically in several ways. A very curious condition.

In the end, it all comes down to the logic of how the body functions in its ideal. Breakdowns of function are always easy to understand in such a context.

This places a keen understanding of the holiday blues within reach, and a solution to them becomes possible.

3 reasons you may feel blue after the holidays…

While there are those apparent reasons you may feel blue, such as missing loved ones or feeling a loss after all the excitement, sometimes your physical state can be a factor.

For instance, if you have ever experienced feeling “hangry” (a state of anger caused by low blood sugar and hunger), you know that your physical state can influence your emotional mood. But what is hunger but a lack of nutrition? Proper nutrition, in deficiency, make the body “hungry” and can influence your mood.

Speaking of proper nutrition, hydration can be a factor as well. Odd as it may sound, hydration is indeed a nutritional situation. Commonly mistaken for “water levels” within the body, proper hydration accounts mostly for about a half a dozen minerals along with water.

Such levels being in deficiency can manifest everything from fatigue to exhaustion and all in between, a very depressing state of affairs.

Finally, inflammation is a key factor, especially when it comes to the pain associated with it. Inflammation is actually an immune system response but can be very uncomfortable and even painful. And we all know pain and discomfort can bring about a depression of mood.

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Why do malnutrition, dehydration and inflammation tend to surge during and after the holidays?

It is obvious these three factors can cause bouts with the blues, but why specifically this time of year.

Holiday overindulgence in sweets, rich foods, processed treats and alcohol all have adverse effects on the body. Such foods tend to be very inflammatory, mess with blood sugar levels and especially dehydrate the body. These are a prime cause for the 3 “reasons” listed above and many others.

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Why are sweets, treats and libations such culprits for nutritional depletion and mood swings?

The problems with these conditions specifically are varied, if few, but really stem from a key deficiency.

Calcium and magnesium are among the prime minerals required by the body to function at all. They work in tandem and in delicate balance to fuel more than 300 body functions and are paramount to the most base functions, let alone mood.

Such minerals can be deficient because of lack of them in the diet. When e eating tons of “junk food” one tends to miss out. Even eating right, however, you may experience deficiency because of depletion of these minerals from the soil in which vegetables grow.

Finally, many chemicals and ingredients in processed foods, environment and even medications actually burn up and deplete the body’s supply and reserves of them creating a deficiency where there was none before.

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What to do about the post-holiday blues caused by deficiency

Obviously, knowing the key causes one can take action. Whereas eating the treats and drinking the libations associated with holiday cheer can cause the problem, bouncing back from them with proper nutrition is an excellent handling. Via diet and even supplementation, inflammation, malnutrition excess weight, and all their symptoms can often all Burt disappear.

One excellent assault on the post-holiday blues “enemy” can be to supplement calcium and magnesium with Instant CalMag-C. Formulated to be absorbed exactly in the form and ratio the body uses it, it is mixed and absorbed instantly and utilized immediately.

The results when supplementing a previous deficiency can be like the difference between winter and summer, sunshine and rain. Try it and see how “bright” the post holiday season can be!

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