Physical Medicine ‘Super-Charge’ With Nerve Support

Physical medicine can be an effective treatment but, with nerve support, achieves a new level

Physical medicine is ever more popular these days. With injuries on the rise, more effective care is needed, especially considering the limited effectiveness of medications. Physical treatment, however, tends only to be “skin deep” leaving a deeper component unhandled: nerves. While physical treatment can “unblock” nerves, they themselves must function.

Healing injured area or body part

Physical medicine zeros in on a physical location and treats it directly. Drugs, which are chemical in nature, cannot provide the same effect. Treating a condition or injury directly is therefore needed. Leaving it at that, however, may be the difference between relief and recovery. A couple more factors exist.

Finding collateral damage

If you were to injure your shoulder while playing sports, the most obvious treatment would be of the shoulder. If, however, you fell to the ground during the injury, other non-painful injuries may exist.

The spine is a leading “shock-absorber” whose injury goes unnoticed. From neck to tailbone, hidden injuries can exist. Here is where the nervous system may become blocked. Its close proximity to the spine can cause it to malfunction as a result.

Physical medicine unblocks nerves but doesn’t control them

Whether blocked or not, energy flow can not occur in the absence of energy itself. Using physical intervention may remove all the blockages to nerve function, but it can’t provide raw energy.

Nerves themselves have many requirements, especially an ample, balanced supply of specific types of calcium and magnesium. Without these minerals, it is like having a well-tuned race car with no fuel in the tank. It’s potential is great but its function is zero. The body is no different.

Nerve support

There must be gas in the tank for even the best sports car to drive. Even in top state of repair, energy is required. Nerve support is a similar proposition. Even an uninjured, fit body requires that nerve energy to flow. There must be some “fuel in the tank” for function to occur, healthy or not.

Getting nerves to function is easy. Supplying calcium and magnesium in correct form, ratio and combination is the answer. Finding the exact form, getting the ratio precise and creating a proper chemical environment, however, is not so simple. Precision is required.

Instant CalMag-C has been painstakingly researched in the laboratory and formulated into an instant, drinkable supplement that provides nerves the support they need to function properly. Nerve support accomplished, physical medicine can have even greater effects. And that is support we could all use. Try Instant CalMag-C today.

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