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SEVERE PAIN:I just had to share another story. This weekend I had a bad fall onto cement. My foot caught an uneven spot and I went down, hit my left knee and right side. My arms went out to protect my face and stretched the muscles/ligaments in the area where my surgery was a short time ago. 

I was helped up, and with help got to the hotel. Pain surged through both areas. I could barely walk nor rest. I began taking heavy doses of CalMag-C and used a cane yesterday. I continued with it, added ice when getting home and went to bed. Got up this morning with no cane needed. Took another dose and am now encouraged that I will recover. Just another recommendation for the product. My sister is now on it too, finding it helpful. I gave her a can when there recently. Her husband reordered it! So I had to share this with you. Talk to you soon.” DonnaJo, OR 

BACK PAIN:It’s a God send. I’ve had back problems since 2002 and this is the best I have felt in years. I am getting low because I take it religiously. I am in fact getting ready to order more!!! I Love my Calmag-C!!!!!” Niieman A, FL 

Calcium Gluconate and Pain 

According to world-famous nutritionist, Adelle Davis: 

Old medical textbooks give as the treatment for the sharp stabbing pains of pleurisy – than which there are few worse – injections of calcium. One physician tells me he uses no opiates but injects one to four grams of calcium gluconate into the veins of patients suffering even excruciating pain and that relief occurs almost immediately. 

“The migraine sufferer, for example, can be helped most by taking calcium between headaches. For years I have told people to take calcium tablets before visiting a dentist; the mineral not only helps them relax and feel less pain but makes life easier for the dentist. It has been my experience that adequate calcium usually relieves the itching of hives in a half-hour and the pain of arthritis within one to three days. 

“Since the publication of my book on baby feeding, I have been amazed at the number of young mothers who have written or told me personally that they had experienced no pain during delivery. Invariably they have written or said, “I thought I was having gas pain when the baby was born. (See personal testimonial below.) 

“Now I tell women to grab a vitamin-D capsule as soon as labor starts and to take two or three calcium tablets every hour until they are wheeled into the delivery room. Regardless of the cause of pain, calcium can usually do something to relieve it; if no relief comes, blame it on poor absorption.” 

Editor’s note: I can testify to this personally. When I went into hospital to deliver my son, I drank loads of calmag (calcium gluconate and magnesium carbonate) and had no pain. I also recovered speedily from his birth. 

How Calcium and Magnesium Work 

Calcium’s job is to make your nerves contract whilst magnesium’s job is to make them relax. If you have adequate supplies of these two minerals, your nerves will contract, relax, contract, relax and so on. This allows them to send the signals to tell your organs, glands and muscles what to do.

If you’re deficient in either of them, you can feel sensations varying from discomfort to extreme pain. This can translate into muscle spasms, cramps, PMS pains and cramps, restless legs, headaches, chest pains (remember your heart is just a big ole muscle), constipation, severe labor pains and so on. 

I could not explain it better than Adelle Davis and I hope you get benefit from this article. It is not necessary to suffer. Get enough calcium in the right form (gluconate), along with its balancing partner, magnesium carbonate, plus vitamin C to create the correct pH balance as well as vitamin D and other fats and you won’t suffer needlessly. 

Why CalMag-C? 

Calcium needs to be balanced up with its partner magnesium to be able to be absorbed by your body. If you don’t get the magnesium, your body will just withdraw it from your tissues and bones and create magnesium deficiencies. And vice versa. If you take magnesium without calcium, your body will just withdraw it from tissues and bones and create calcium deficiencies. It’s much simpler to just get the two in balance. 

Correct pH 

They also need vitamin C to be absorbed by your body. As mentioned earlier, that’s to ensure that the correct pH environment is present. With most people’s digestive tracts being too alkaline – they should be very acidic but the consumption of sugars, white flour products etc alkalizes them and they can’t absorb these minerals. 

See what our customers are saying about Instant CalMag-C. 

Pain for 15 years: I have been on medication for over 15 years and I have been looking for an answer for many years to be without pain. When I started with your products at first I was in extreme pain as my body was detoxing and thereafter my health started to improve more and more and more. I am without pain for the first time in 15 years! Thanks so much for all your help and advice. Your products really work! I will recommend more people to you!” EB Pretoria 

Multiple Sclerosis, Nerve Endings: I need to start by thanking you for the Instant CalMag-C. It works immediately. I suffer from myelin* breakdown around the nerve endings in my brain. When I take your Instant CalMag-C my hands feel warm and then my whole body glows for about an hour after that. I have been swimming between doctors the last few months but the Instant CalMag-C is really helping to lessen the tremors. THANK YOU!.” IvdM, Erasmus Kloof 

(*Myelin is a fatty material that coats, protects, and insulates nerves, enabling them to quickly conduct impulses between the brain and different parts of the body. Myelin also contains proteins that can be targeted by the immune system. Myelin coats the nerves of both the central nervous system and the peripheral nervous system; the destruction of the myelin in the central nervous system is what triggers many of the symptoms of multiple sclerosis (MS). Nerve cells are coated with sections of myelin, and the tiny spaces between the sections are called nodes. As the brain sends messages through the nerves of the spinal cord, the impulses jump from node to node. Myelin prevents these impulses from escaping from the nerve at the wrong point.) 

SLEEP WITH PAIN RELIEF: I really like your product. I now have my son, daughter, sister and my mother using CalMag-C. It has been a god-send. I first had my 16-year-old son use it when we drove three hours to check out a college for him. He was so keyed up when we got to the hotel the night before he couldn’t get to sleep. CalMag-C made him relax so he could go to sleep. I originally started using it because I have a bad back that keeps me in bed lying flat and sometimes I have problems sleeping because of the pain. It helped me immediately. Thank you for a great product that has helped me so much.” B.F., Cape Coral, FL 

MUSCLE SPASMS: Well, I took two doses yesterday. Anyhow, I hit the bed at 11:15 pm, woke at 6 am and put my attention on my lower legs and feet. I do this automatically every time I awaken in the morning. Normally, I can feel that the magnesium pills that I took the night before are wearing off and “usually” the right leg/foot is about to have severe muscle tightening/spasms. Some people call it “Charley horses”. I’ve learned the hard way, that the severe spasms will start somewhere within the next 30 minutes. I can ALWAYS feel it when the spasm is approaching and I’ll usually get up right before the “assault” hits! The 30-minute danger zone. Well…since I was now testing the CalMag-C, I could “sense” that it was wearing off (same feeling as with the pills) and I wanted to see just how long it would be before the terrible spasms hit me. Well, I laid there in bed…waiting, waiting, waiting. I waited there in bed for over TWO hours! There were NO spasms!!! WOW!!! 

THAT told me that the CalMag-C had “treated” the muscles to a point where they wouldn’t tighten up/spasm as they did before. This is a HUGE win for me!!! I’ve only been takin’ the stuff for two days and can see that it’s already started to do its magic! Outstanding!” WA, South Carolina 

BACK PAIN: My husband frequently has pain in his back from the hard work we do all day and CalMag-C relieves it quickly and if I can get him to drink it consistently and enough, it gets rid of it completely and he also starts to walk straight! He also sleeps much better when he drinks it. I take it for general body stiffness and aches that make accumulate in my knee, shoulder, and just about anywhere else. Basically it is an essential to aging!” MF from Florida 

SEVERE BACK PAIN: I talked to my Chiropractor about the CalMag-C and he confirms your claims. Actually, he was confirming MY claims about the product. It had to be my claims because I REALLY had NEVER found anything in over 40 years that was natural and REALLY worked at reducing and often eliminating the back pains! I had used the prednizone a few times but do not want to take pills and shots, or have surgery IF I can avoid it. CalMag-C has extended my useful life, makes me feel better and therefore makes me more of a pleasure to be around! THANK you for your product!” Sincerely, WC California


Disclaimer: Please note that we are not doctors. Should you have any illness or disease, please refer to your medical practitioner for the advice. The only advice we give is purely educational but we do recommend that you find yourself a practitioner who understands nutrition in relation to disease.

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