Pain Relief Sometimes Not Possible Ingesting Certain Things

Food and drink.

Eating and drinking.

Digestion and absorption.

All of these are normal factors of everyday life. All are needed to keep things working.

When they aren’t working, we often seek therapeutic intervention. Physical therapy, acupuncture,

Chiropractic treatment, massage, stretching, yoga and the like are among the most popular, while taking supplements and even meds are just as common.

But what if all of this meant nothing in the face of resolving the stresses, pains and tensions you experience?

What if there were hidden factors about your everyday routine, things of your choosing, which are, every minute, working against you, foiling your efforts at getting relief from discomfort and restoring function and blocking recovery or advance?

You would certainly want to know about them.

The good news is that they are knowable and, becoming aware of them, you can restore their power and recover and strengthen wellness, maintaining it under your control!

They say ‘you are what you eat’ but it’s not true because of this one thing…

While it’s not meant literally, the whole “you are what you eat” thing is a little misleading. It’s not the best metaphor.

Compare instead to an invading army of a village fortress. Should the invaders get inside the fortress and take over, do the inhabitants become the enemy? This is what this statement implies and it’s not entirely true.

You may be forced to obey the new regime, but if it is against your will then you are under enemy control and suffer accordingly.

Even worse, however, in this case, the enemy is more of an insider force which takes secret control from within. Unsuspectingly you entrust them as part of the group and they proceed to wreck it.

What you perceived as a friend of the group is really the enemy. And so it is with things you intake into the “fortress” of your body. Be it food, supplements, medications, alcohol, drugs or even unsuspected toxic ingredients in these, you have taken in an enemy hidden below your awareness.

And, while it would be good to know how it got in, this is secondary to the most important question of all: who in the world is this enemy?

What are you ingesting right now that is taking hidden control of your relief, recovery and general wellness?

Fortunately, it won’t take a PhD or a professional license to understand basic body function and what the body does with the food or other things you feed it.

Your body is obviously a precision instrument. It has certain structure, systems, processes and requirements. All of these are required to be in working order. Often times these interfere with each other and this is where it tends to get complicated.

But it is a simple concept even for a layman or someone without vast knowledge of human anatomy to understand the basics of function vs malfunction.

Provided the body can function properly, its intake is what fuels it. In the optimum, everything functions perfectly. But sometimes fuel can ruin the entire works.

Putting diesel fuel in your regular gas tank, for instance, would actually ruin the engine and your car wouldn’t run. This “fuel” actually works against any normal functionality.

The body reacts in the same way. Some of what you put in it, even if it seems like fuel, may be blocking actual function or even your efforts to restore it when it is broken down.

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Where do pain and discomfort really come from? It isn’t what you thought…

It’s late at night, around 9pm. You’re watching a movie and crave some snacks. You indulge in a little ice cream and some potato chips.

Seems innocent enough. What you don’t realize is that, even in moderation, you have just worked against some vital body functions.

Sugar, preservatives, chemicals and even toxins found in such foods can kill mineral levels. Calcium and its mineral “partner” magnesium are among the first to plummet.

So far, no big deal, right? But if you understood the 300-plus body processes these minerals fuel, including blood pressure, blood sugar regulation, muscular function and nerve energy conduction, you would see how things can break down,.

Now you go to bed. You wake up with your joints hurting or some sort of pain or tension. You would never suspect the snacks you had the night before. But your “friends” (ice cream and potato chips) took insidious control and kicked out your calcium and magnesium allies.

Your body can’t mount up to stress or function properly and now you’re in pain.

It’s as simple as that.

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Do I have to stop eating and drinking things I enjoy? You might unless you do this…

The “everything in moderation” rule is suddenly brought under scrutiny, and it may seem like you need to give up your most innocent “vices” and indulgences. But that isn’t true.

Having things in moderation of course applies, but understanding that, even in moderation, the effects these things actually have is imperative.

If you know that preservatives, sugar, toxins and the like cause calcium and magnesium levels to crash, such “moderation” would have to include for supplementation of these minerals. And you may need increased compensation for other factors to outweigh the “foreigners” the body doesn’t naturally process (i.e. junk food, etc).

That gives “moderation” a new meaning and a new look. Doesn’t it?

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What do I do about seemingly permanent stress I feel doomed to carry?

The answers vary according to the situation and if these factors are involved.

If, for instance you have blocked nerve energy flow, chiropractors handle such problems and open up and restore function. If mineral levels are deficient or insufficient, supplements can help.

But, in the event your intake of food, drink, meds and the like is crashing your levels of such things as calcium and magnesium, your therapeutic attempts will ultimately fail.

You’re in for mild relief at best, and mystery, “permanent” problems at worst. The answer is to address the factors that insidiously work against you.

Instant CalMag-C drinkable mineral supplement, absorbs instantly in the natural way the body processes it and so can be used immediately in more than three hundred functions. The result where calcium and magnesium have been depleted by these factors can be astounding.

Try replacing your depleted levels where they exist and see what real body function is like. Some people, for lack of this information, have gone their entire lives not knowing how well they can actually function and, in some extreme cases, may feel they have gained super powers in comparison to the state of deficiency they were in.

But even if a minor deficiency, imagine what replacing these basic minerals can do.

Don’t let your intake and indulgences get the best of you. Monitor and moderate, but drink Instant CalMag-C to replenish what you may have lost! Try it today!

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