Pain Relief Should Alarm You In 3 Ways

While pain relief may seem appealing, it should actually alarm you, literally!

What is pain relief? It is an attempt to end the discomfort of a given painful condition, a seemingly natural reaction. Who wants to suffer after all? Deadening pain, however, without tracing its cause does 3 things which should alarm you.

Snoozes the alarm

What would happen if you ignored your alarm clock? You may be late for work but over time, lose your job. This is sort of how pain is related to the body. Pain is an alarm system signifying some malfunction. Pain relief is a sort of “snooze” of this alarm system, ignoring the message which allows the condition to continue, now undetected.

Prolongs and worsens the actual condition

Once ignored via pain relief efforts, pain is unable to signify a condition or its intensity or cause. Two things can happen as a result. First, without pain, the condition can immediately worsen. A joint which is malfunctioning gives pain when it reaches a limit, restricting. Pain gone, the limit can be exceeded, unrestricted, and more damage can occur. Secondly, over time, the condition worsens. Without pain there is no way to even know it’s there. Spinal disc degeneration is a common example of this.

Hinders or prevents a long-term, lasting solution

Ultimately, pain relief, in absence of a good diagnostic “trace-back” to cause, causes a condition to be merely “lived-with” on the long term creating a “forever” sort of scenario. Using pain to trace back to the cause of a condition, a permanent remedy and correction can be achieved.

Should I just ignore pain relief and live in agony?

Of course not. There are many things that can be done. Visiting a health professional who specializes in body function both structurally and nutritionally can be very revealing. There are many types of pain relief which can be used while the pain itself is traced to a cause and treated. Chiropractors and nutritional specialists are both excellent in this capacity.

Nutritionally, a common cause of pain is calcium and magnesium deficiency. While natural pain relief can be found from these two minerals alone, they can also fulfill a nutritional void which may be causing pain in the first place. Used in conjunction with therapy, this can be an excellent handling for pain itself and conditions causing it such as injuries and other physical malfunctions.

Try Instant CalMag-C, a fast-absorbing precision formula which fills the voids quickly and can make a difference far beyond mere pain relief. See what a difference it makes with your pain.

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