Pain Management vs Relief and Prevention

Pain management is an ever popular buzz word these days, but why would you want to “manage” pain?

The name “Pain Management” alone predicts a grim outlook. Why would you want to “manage” pain? All that really says is that you are coping or dealing with it. This implies it is impossible to rid yourself of it permanently. How is this a viable option? Do you really want to live with pain and merely cope with it? It’s time to look at how to get relief from pain and, even better, how to avert it in the first place.

Pain management should be temporary

Here is a key distinction. What is this “pain management” you often hear about? For many doctors it is the management of a drug regimen which simply deadens your pain. It is often done on the long term. Due to side effects of pain medications and other risk factors, this is not a long term solution. And, while it is important to “manage” pain so as not to suffer, it is vital to find the cause of the pain and treat it so as to provide relief.

Getting eventual pain RELIEF

Here is a better goal. Pain relief should be a set goal. Pain management should be a stopgap, not a total solution. There are many ways to achieve this. Chiropractors, for instance, trace symptoms to a physical issue and correct it, often eliminating pain altogether. This shows that pain management is not worthless. It is most effective when used in conjunction with other therapies.

Prevention is the best pain management program!

This may seem cliche to say, but the truth is that preventing health issues would be the best “cure” around. There are many “therapies” that are designed for this express purpose. Chiropractic, physical therapy, massage therapy, acupuncture and others all have “maintenance” aspects which can be used as prevention for many painful conditions. Exercise and nutrition play a role as well. All combined, these preventative measures can avert severe medical conditions and pain. The possibilities are as endless as the number of combinations of these measures.

2 “take-aways” about pain management…

You only need to know 2 things about pain management. Primarily, pain management is not a long-term solution. When used in this way, it becomes a “live-with-it” situation. And, who wants to live with pain? More importantly, it can be a tool when used in conjunction with proactive treatments and preventative measures. Managing pain is vital. It can be effective if used properly.

Speaking of pain management, nutritional intervention can not be underestimated. Pain often derives from deficiency. The minerals calcium and magnesium are especially important. Calcium itself is a natural pain reliever. When taken in the correct form, and balanced with magnesium, it can mean the difference between pain and comfort. Supplementing it is paramount.

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