Pain, Inflammation Good For You Despite Their Annoying Nature?

If the pain is ‘killing you’ is it making you better?

Sure it hurts. But, “it’s a good kind of pain” after all.

You’ve heard it. People say it. You may have too.

But, does anyone believe it? Further, if someone should believe it, is the pain itself good for you?

Even if “no-pain-no-gain” is true, it doesn’t mean pain is enjoyable, let alone necessary. This is to say little of it being beneficial in any way.

Pain is, in fact, a component of human function and seems to have some purpose, however mysterious. But is “suffering” a valid explanation? Of what use would that be?

No matter the reasoning, none of such explanations imply the pain itself is in any way beneficial.

At best, it appears more of a burden we are destined to bear for the outcome we desire. A consequence of “no good deed going unpunished” for real.

At it’s worst, it seems the crux of human suffering.

But what is pain and why must we experience it? Where does it come from and what is its purpose? And, above all, does it have a benefit to our overall well-being?

The answers to these questions surprisingly point to the fact that pain has a definite purpose in a greater well-being for all, something that is more of an advantage than a burden. And it’s not as twisted as it sounds.

Does pain have a purpose other than to annoy me and make my life difficult?

In short, yes.

It’s pretty simple. The complexities and confusions about it come about from a mis-categorization of it. By classifying it as a “condition” in itself, we enshroud it in mystery, its true cause left wanting.

Labelling any pain as a condition is the first mistake on the road to riddance. It leaves us with mere “relief” options in absence of a deeper explanation. In fact, doing so is not so much a “dead end” as it is a ride downhill, rapidly into more pain and difficulty.

Clearly it must have some purpose that can be discovered if we just take a step back and look at the influencing components and triggers.

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Why is pain something you wouldn’t want to live without…ever??!!

The answer is in the purpose of pain.

Understand that pain itself is not a condition. It is not to be labelled as such, even when the cause is just as mysterious and unexplainable. There exists a true cause. It underlies the surface symptoms.

And that’s just what pain is. It is a symptom. It is a signal. It is a directional indication, not just to locate the cause, but to protect you from further damage.

In fact, inflammation is a close cousin of pain, even itself being painful in most cases. Both of these functions are actually for your protection.

Before you go thinking that this is some kind of “tough love” of sorts, realize what damage or threats they may be keeping you from. And they can be VERY persuasive and convincing.

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How can deadening pain and reducing inflammation hurt you further?

What is it that pain and inflammation protect you from after all?

The real bully is not pain. Pain is the big burly friend who sticks up for you in the face of the real enemy: injury, malfunction and the like.

If, for instance, your knee gets injured, the pain not only signals the damage, it prevents you from further damaging it, making it too painful to bear putting weight on it, moving it or doing anything which will harm it further.

Inflammation is actually an immune system response that allows healing to occur and “quadrant off the area” so to speak while this occurs.

All of these functions are innate.

In the end, your body knows what to do. The real healing comes from within.

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What is the right thing to do when it comes to pain and inflammation?

Realize though pain and inflammation may give you “tough love”, they are on your side.

Pain signals the problem and also restricts you from doing further damage. Inflammation goes to work to start the healing process.

These are “ally” functions!

Does this mean you should suffer the consequences in agony? Should you not seek relief from pain or address inflammation?

This would be equally ridiculous to reducing them.

Using these symptoms to chase down a true cause, however, you can achieve much more than relief. It is in finding the source of the problem that riddance becomes possible. Found, relief is useful to ease pain during true healing.

Imbalance in structure and basic body chemistry are often at play.

Nerve energy flow, muscle function and structural posture are all key factors of many of the imbalances people suffer. Addressing these often can provide relief, riddance and even prevention of future occurrence.

One of the foremost stresses that can cause these problems is a deficiency of the minerals calcium and magnesium. These “stress minerals” are each responsible for hundreds of body processes and, to complicate the matter, are dependent on one another to be utilized by the body.

Clearly their deficiency can wreak sufficient havoc to start the pain and inflammation train rolling, derailing your well-being and creating a “train wreck” of your physical fitness.

Instant CalMag-C is laboratory-formulated to precisely combine exact forms and ratio of calcium and magnesium to be instantly-absorbed and immediately utilized by the body.

When deficiency is a factor behind the symptoms of pain and inflammation, restoring these vital minerals can have an instant effect.

The result can be amazing.

With deficiency fulfilled and function restored, it is possible to “outgrow” the usefulness of pain and inflammation.

A fire alarm may be valuable but is most appreciated when not needed. Pain. and inflammation are no different.

And there is a different look at pain and inflammation. It is not such a “twisted” idea after all! 

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