Pain, Allergies, Stress Diseases What Is Their Remedy

Pain, Allergies, Stress Diseases What Is Their Remedy

While a variety of symptoms can point to pain, allergies, stress diseases, these frequently do not show up as their cause.  According to Davis, “… in one study of 50 babies with skin rashes, all supposedly allergic to milk, none showed improvement when milk was denied them. Such rashes are usually caused by a lack of B vitamins or linoleic acid and clear up when the missing nutrients are supplied.”


Today, people in developed countries frequently attempt faddy, restricted and nutritionally inadequate diets because of their “allergies.” Aside from the silliness of self-made diagnoses, more often than not the symptoms considered, at first, to be an allergy continue to persist or they become progressively worse.  Ingesting a variety of foods is a vital factor in the equation of good health – Mother Nature intended that and she provides most of us with a complete panoply of colorful foods for that purpose.  “Offending” foods should not be withdrawn from the diet except temporarily, and then only if disturbing symptoms disappear upon their being withheld.


How allergens enter the body

The presence of allergens alone are not the cause of pain, allergies, stress diseases.  Knowing the path that allergens take to enter a human body is a vital step to preventing their ill effects.


Typically, healthy cells are impenetrable to menacing substances, preventing their entrance into the cell.  In this regard, cells rely on adequate stores of “outside” nutrients within the body’s

bloodstream. Lacking this back-up, almost any cell lies open to the probability of being invaded (permeated) by foreign substances.  Such invasions open the cells to more losses of valuable

nutrients by leakage.  At the same time, toxic materials can enter the cells. The cells in that moment are under attack, which happens all the time, but when the activity overwhelms the cells the immune system is defeated, and this is the physical cause of pain, allergies, stress diseases.  In essence, this physical cause mirrors the mental and spiritual causes, because it is a form of life suppression calculated to defeat a real or imagined enemy in the battle of the fittest.


Vitamin C and Cell Efficiency

Inadequate vitamin C in the bloodstream increases the risk of connective tissue breakdowns.  Under-supplied fatty acids (vitamin F), or inadequate vitamin E, also transform once-hardy cells into sieve-like sponge materials that harmful substances can penetrate.


On the other hand, the presence of Vitamin A decreases cell permeability, at least among skin and mucous membrane cells.  And daily doses of 100,000 units of vitamin A and 200 milligrams of vitamin E have shown a rapid and marked increase in cell ability to prevent foreign substance penetration.


Calcium and Magnesium, Nature’s most essential and cell-building minerals, count on Vitamin C’s presence in adequate supply in order to be absorbed into the bloodstream, where they can do their work for the human body’s health. For mineral absorption to become assimilation – entry inside of body cells – the cells must be permeable enough for the effect to take place. Both minerals, however, are alkaline (high pH) and they require an acid – vitamin C is ascorbic acid – before they can be absorbed from the food canal to the bloodstream, and then assimilated into the cells.


The presence of adequate vitamin C, therefore, improves or maintains both mineral and cell efficiency and overall health.  Failing this mineral/acid/cell interaction, pain, allergies, stress diseases are the result.


DISCLAIMER:  We are not doctors. We do not diagnose or prescribe any conditions. All information provided here is meant as educational help only. We recommend consultation with your regular medical or natural health professional regarding any body condition you may have.


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