Noise Sensitivity

Noise sensitivity can have many causes, some of which can be the result of low blood sugar, a drop in blood calcium, a magnesium deficiency or a lack of any of the ten B vitamins, each of which is essential to the normal function of every nerve in the body.

We will look at one of these causes. Magnesium deficiency. Magnesium is vital for the body as it coats the nerve endings so there is a barrier between the nerves and external influences. One of the biggest causes of depletion – besides poor eating habits or general deficiencies is being exposed to noise.

Too much noise depletes magnesium whilst a deficiency of magnesium increases sensitivity to noise.

Magnesium depletion occurs when one is in a noisy environment. This includes loud music, noisy cars or flying in noisy airplanes/helicopters, noisy gatherings such as bars, in the work environment where manufacturing processes are noisy, and many more similar environments. The more noise you’re exposed to, the worse the deficiency of magnesium becomes.

The reason? A function of magnesium is to coat the nerve ends. If you are short of it, there is nothing between your nerve ends and the environment and so small noises will irritate or upset you – especially if you’re trying to sleep. This deficiency or constant exposure to noise gradually worsens the problem.

If you’re exposed to noise, you will need to keep your magnesium levels high. This includes people who listen to or play loud music, work with noisy machinery, spend a lot of time in noisy places. There is a lot of noise around. Sometimes we become so used to it we don’t even hear it any longer but it still has an effect on the body.

If you find you’re hearing every sound when you’re trying to sleep, the chances are you need magnesium and because magnesium is vital for so many body functions, it’s really important to handle any deficiencies with top speed.

Other consequences can be pretty severe. Even a baby who wakes at the slightest sounds is manifesting a deficiency in this vital mineral. Don’t ignore it. Baby’s life – and yours – will be much calmer if you give him/her some magnesium. If baby is being breast-fed, it is especially even more important to make sure the mom is getting large amounts of this mineral. Both mom and baby will benefit, not to mention the rest of the family.

In order for magnesium to be utilized by the body, it needs its partner, calcium in a specific ratio. I hope you find this data useful.

Some foods that contain a good amount of magnesium include: brewer’s yeast, wheat bran (please make sure it’s not GMO), wheat germ, molasses, almonds, dulse, Brazil nuts, wheat grain, pecans, rye, cashews, brown rice, coconut flesh, collard greens, and many more. I suggest you find a good reference source to get more ideas.


For supplementation, we found the best way to get it into the body, hence CalMag-C. The reason we get great results with it the way it’s made.

Both Calcium and Magnesium are Alkaline

Because of this they need a little acid to get them back to neutral so they can dissolve and be absorbed. If you don’t get it like this, the calcium can form stones in your kidneys and/or deposit in your joints and other places such as behind your eyes and so on. This is a very important factor when using calcium.

You can use apple cider vinegar but a lot of people have a problem with the taste so we use vitamin C and citric acid. They’re natural with no side effects. The body needs calcium, magnesium and vitamin C so this makes it a simple and effective way to get the minerals in the right form.

Instant CalMag-C Formulation

We have formulated CalMag-C so that it achieves the desired effect. The calcium and magnesium get into the blood stream within 10 minutes. You could say instantly. That’s why it’s called Instant CalMag-C.

Successful Results

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