No Thanks for Being Overstuffed with a Carb Hangover!

When Thanksgiving leaves you most ungrateful!

A Thanksgiving feast. A healthy appetite.

Enormous portions with endless indulgence.

Feasting beyond limits and getting full beyond capacity.

But, ending up overstuffed and exhausted with no end in sight!

This is the recipe for the classic holiday meal “hangover” suffered by so many unsuspecting, if willing and earnest, eaters, but is also the clue to its antidote.

We never seem to learn, year in and year out, from our overindulgence in decadent holiday treats, thinking “it’s only once a year” as our only well-justified excuse.

Still, overstuffed, we move into the next hours (or even days!) of the “hangover” phase, a seemingly inevitable consequence of the joy we get from our culinary celebration.

Is the Thanksgiving or Holiday hangover necessary? Are carbohydrates destined to make us feel so alive while they insidiously beat us down into deep regret?

Must we profess to ourselves and the world, “I’ll never eat again” and really mean it this time?


In absence of knowledge of what the condition consists of, why it happens and how the body should ideally function, we, of course, find this our unchangeable fate.

Armed with knowledge of how the body functions and why it malfunctions when its processes break down, however, we can avoid much more than a mere post-holiday carb hangover.

And we can even indulge a bit too!

This makes an inside look very appealing indeed! Our desire to indulge, therefore, warrants our understanding.

The carb-hangover culprit is not what you think!

One word: WATER!

What could water possibly have to do with the situation? It’s the last thing you would think could be involved with carb consumption and its relentless consequences.

It nonetheless plays a major role, if indirectly.

And, while it is not the need to consume water itself, it is a “water level” type issue in general.

Yes, we’re talking about proper hydration. The carb hangover can be largely a dehydration situation.

But is it because you don’t consume enough water?

It may seem logical until you realize a large majority of people consume more than enough water in conjunction with their holiday festivities and yet suffer the same consequence.

But, “hydration” involves more than just water consumption and often is ironically hindered by the ingestion of water itself, illogical as it may sound.

By understanding what hydration really is however, it becomes clear where the process breaks down, what we are really doing to the body when overeating these foods and how we may prevent, avoid or even remedy it!

How is this done?…

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How do you not only remedy a carb hangover, but prevent it in the first place? It’s way simpler than you think!

It may seem strange but, getting a “hangover” in the first place is way easier than preventing one. All you need to do is nothing!

The operative word here is “hydration” however, even when we look at the various effects of such high-carb indulgences on the body.

Dehydration merely (and commonly) occurs because of a lack of understanding of hydration. What are the body’s requirements for fluid consumption, retention and utilization? How does the body process this?

These are the questions whose answers open the door to better understanding.

Make no mistake, overconsumption of carbs will have adverse effects on the body. This is assuredly so almost without exception. But, the level of suffering involved is proportionate to the symptoms.

Symptoms are not conditions themselves. In treating them as ailments or diseases, we frequently make the mistake that they must be addressed directly as we proceed to “deaden” them in any way possible.

Yet, it is the discomfort that is the signal. But major or minor, the signal itself indicates the same condition. So why do they need to be severe at all?

The severity, in any degree, tells the same story, and it points to the cause of the problem, not toward remedying the symptom itself.

So, why suffer more than is necessary?

For our purposes of the holiday meal (or any other carb-fest throughout the year), we need only focus on dehydration as the predominant instigator of the vicious cycle that can begin with simple deficiency of nutriients that can be counted on less than two hands.

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Why you aren’t hydrated may be because you don’t have enough water or maybe you had too much!

Everyone looks at “hydration” as a “consumption-of-water” type of proposition. But a simple study of what it actually is reveals water is the least of it, in fact perhaps as little as one seventh of the total answer.

The other six components?

Minerals. Electrolyte minerals.

These are are integral and complementary part (to water) of the hydration process. It is this collective of minerals that is responsible for proper hydration.

When the body ends up deficient in any combination of these minerals, the symptoms it manifests are limitless and contain a myriad of hangover-associated symptoms.

These uncomfortable, if useful and informative, symptoms are yet part of the body’s process of telling you something needs remedy, warn of breakdown in basic functions and tell of imminent danger to the organism itself.

How do you become mineral-depleted and dehydrated?

This is a two-fold proposition.

First there is deficiency. Not enough water and insufficient electrolyte minerals (calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium, etc) will do the trick through simple non-consumption of them or lack of them in the diet.

Secondly there is the fact of depleting the ones you already have.

In fact, it is the high-carb consumption during holiday meals that more commonly depletes existing supplies of these minerals. The carbs can burn up the minerals leaving deficiency.

Classic “mineral criminals” in a manner of speaking!

Surprisingly, it is not just the carbs which deplete the minerals. Drinking too much water alone can wash them away. Many toxins (chemicals, medications, etc.) can deplete them as well.

In either case, the lack of them dehydrates the body leaving uncomfortable symptoms behind.

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How to beat the holiday hangover before it even enters the picture!

Obviously the answer lies far beyond consuming water. In fact, water may be one of the culprits!

Getting the 6 electrolyte minerals in ample supply in the first place (on the longer term and as a base) is an excellent start.

Beefing them up at the onset of deficiency, however, is not nearly as effective as monitoring the levels consumed regularly and considering things put in the body which will burn up or wash them away and compensating accordingly.

Supplementation can be very key to keeping this balance.

The two top minerals in this process…

Out of all the minerals involved in this scenario, two stand out above the rest. Responsible for hundreds of body functions in and of themselves, reliant on each other to work in tandem, they comprise perhaps the most vital minerals to human life.

Calcium and magnesium work together in precise combination and sustain body function, including being basic building blocks in and of themselves. When supplied according to the body’s precise specifications for absorption and utilization, they go to work fast.

Such is the case with Instant CalMag-C, which is formulated to work exactly as the body processes these minerals. The result is a drinkable, fast-absorbing, instantly-utilized supplement which goes to work fast to fulfill deficiency. The effects where deficiency previously existed can be as amazing as they are immediate.

Ask anyone who has experienced it. More importantly, try Instant CalMag-C for yourself and see what happens when any possibly deficiencies get fulfilled.

It may be a much greater cause for celebration and, certainly, something for which we can all be grateful!

Try it now!

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