No deductibles or copays on wellness care ever again!

Unless of course you make this one mistake that will cost you dearly…

No deductibles or copays for wellness… can it be true?

Is it an urban legend?

Is it just a nice idea or a pleasant metaphor for staying well?

Or is it something much more literal?

And are you making a mistake that is costing you dearly in caring for yourself, wasting money you get nothing out of except coverage for “repairs” IF it breaks down?

While there are many ways to look at it, by the basic logic of how your body is naturally designed, you shouldn’t owe a dime for your own wellness, neither in deductibles nor copayments.


In fact, you shouldn’t even have to pay a premium!

All you need is logic, some base knowledge of structure and function and an understanding of how to care for and maintain this miraculous machine you walk around with each day.

And, if you think about it, understanding the structure and function of ANY machine, you can not only run it, not only maintain it properly but, should it break down, you can immediately understand exactly why and act to restore it.

This gives you the upper hand and is the most economical care in existence. The only expensive healthcare crisis anywhere is the lack of understanding of body mechanics.

Understanding this, you ENSURE wellness and don’t have to INSURE sickness. And “ENsurance” never has a deductible, a copay or a premium.

What does a top chef know that, if you knew, would make your wellness deductible-free, copay resistant and “premiumless”?…

It’s an odd analogy, but a direct and illustrative one…

What does a chef and his culinary skill have to do with your wellness and the fact that it shouldn’t cost you anything?

Think about a chef’s knowledge. He knows his way around a kitchen, He knows what his tools are, what they are for and how to use them. He knows what ingredients are and how they combine.

He understands the mechanics of food combinations and recipes and can therefore control and make delicious combinations of food.

But he can do something else you don’t see. Because the food is so amazing, you often miss it!

And if the food isn’t amazing, he knows instantly how to correct it, and can do so before it ever hits your table.

What he knows is how various dishes are structured and how the foods function in combination with one another and can therefore predict the outcome every time, controlling it and bringing perfect flavor to any palate.

This is not just a metaphor for your body. It is something which can be said about any functioning entity. Whether a car, a phone, a plane, bicycle or the human body, all have basic plans and design, basic function and a set of operating capabilities.

Understood, any of these things can retain their designed capabilities and operate at optimum. ANY of them.

Nothing to pay toward a deductible or copayment required.

Your body has tremendous capabilities you will never find out about or achieve unless you know this…

One thing is true about the human body that most people miss: it has capabilities beyond what you ever thought possible.

This may seem like it takes a ton of hard work to achieve, that workouts and wellness care, even maintenance, have to be tedious, strenuous and trying.

Nothing could be farther from the truth…

Checking the engineering designs, Mother Nature’s basic blueprint, a natural excellence and ability is built into the body based on the hostility of the planetary environment it was designed to navigate. It was designed to endure and win against these very stresses.

Knowing it’s capabilities is really the only way to understand how it works, and understanding how it works is really the only way to understand how it functions.

Think about it. Keenly understanding its function and structure, you can not only figure out why it isn’t working when it isn’t, but maintain its basic operating condition so it never does break down in the first place.

In other words, far beyond prevention, you can just make it function according to its brilliant design.

Deductibles, premiums and copayments are expenses which are useless to this process and have nothing to do with it.

These are based upon something much more sinister which, known about, can make them an obsolete waste of resources.

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What makes insurance premiums, deductibles and copays obsolete and totally avoidable, and why are we forced to waste our money on them?

Theoretically speaking? Life itself makes them not only unnecessary, but absurd and impractical.

What are insurance premiums, deductibles and copays anyway? And why are we stuck paying them?

The reasons are two-fold.

On one end of the spectrum, we have total wellness, which is often mistaken for something we don’t have but must strive to achieve. At the opposite end is illness, something we think is prevalent and we must avoid.

But as study of the mechanics of the human body (structure and functionality) shows us that this is a backwards view of living organisms.

Wellness is actually just optimum, per-blueprint, function. It is the way things are supposed to be structured and operate by natural design. Illness is any blockage to this optimum.

Most creatures in nature exemplify this excellence. You don’t have to look far to see it. Many species function without any attention to health and wellness and don’t seem to struggle the way some humans do.

Have you ever seen a sick bumble bee? Or a deer with a cold? Have you seen squirrels with digestive issues? How about a bear with migraine headaches? How about a falcon who is a member of an HMO?

Insurance is taken out by humans on illness, not wellness. In fact, so-called “health” insurance has nothing to do with wellness and is actually a sort of bet against it. It is based on the apprehension that something will happen to natural function to throw it off. It is sick care.

This does not make insurance obsolete, but it does make it expensive and impractical in absence of an owners manual and maintenance guide for the human body.

Last time you checked, your body’s “glove compartment” had no operator’s manual in it.

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Deductibles and copays reduced to zero with 100% structural integrity and function from the start.

You don’t “achieve” structural integrity and optimum function. You are designed with and start out possessing them.

And this is true wellness.

If things are off-balance structurally (showing up in your posture) or if they are malfunctioning mechanically, it means this process has been interrupted and this is always traceable to a cause.

The common mistake is that it is one incident, very recently in life, and that it is always explainable by the immediate environment.

But just as the design of your body is many years old, so is the track of your experience with it and the various traumas and stresses it has had to endure, not to mention lack of care and maintenance it has gotten based on misunderstanding of its basic operation.

The posture, the various conditions of illness and malfunction, even the apparent diseases it develops are all manifestations of this.

The real way to avoid a high deductible is to ENsure (as opposed to “INsure”) optimum function. This is giving attention to structural integrity, proper operation and adequate energy and composition.

These are represented by posture, organic function, diet and motion (exercise).

These are the only things that matter in terms of the basic design of the body and, with adequate attention, will ensure the body operates as it was designed.

You may have noticed, some have figured this out (or maybe they just took a lucky guess) and some haven’t.

Do you suffer from health conditions such as blood sugar or blood pressure problems, digestive issues, allergies or anything not normal?

Do you have symptoms of holding or carrying stress physically within the body? Do you not understand what the body is supposed to do and what you need to provide it to operate the way it is supposed to?

Why do you seem to have more coverage, less deductible and less copayments for medicines, surgery and the like than you do for wellness maintenance alternatives?

It is because the emphasis is placed on “just-in-case-you-get-sick” thinking and not control of basic function (wellness).

Calcium and magnesium are perhaps the two most important minerals the body requires for its function and they influence (among over 300 body process each) both structure of the body AND its function. This separates them out as something that deserves a lion’s share of our attention in care and maintenance of the body.

Instant CalMag-C mineral supplement beverage is formulated to give the body the amounts, ratio and forms of these life-giving minerals it needs to support its basic structure and mechanics as well as drive the hundreds of functions in their normal and ideal operation.

The result of drinking Instant CalMag-C, especially when one has been deficient in these minerals, can be regarded as a premium which is a small price to pay to EN-sure wellness as opposed to IN-suring against sickness.

Drink Instant CalMag-C and see what “low premiums, deductibles and copayments” are in your future on this simple yet most effective EN-surance plan!

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