Nerves and Calcium

Your brain is where your nerves start. Your nerves come down your spine and go to every single part of your body – even to the tips of your toes – to carry messages to your organs, glands, body parts etc so they can do their job. In order for your nerves to work properly and be able to carry the messages, they need certain minerals.

Two of the most important of these minerals are calcium and magnesium. Calcium is such an important mineral that it even has its own set of glands, the parathyroids, to monitor the calcium levels in your blood 24 hours a day.

If the levels get too low, no problem because these glands release a hormone (parathyroid hormone) which then makes your body release calcium from your bones and teeth. Of course, if there’s too much calcium, they deposit the excess into the vault (bones) for reserves . The only problem is, if withdrawals get made too often and you’re low on reserves, you can end up with osteoporosis (osteo=bone and porosis=porous).

Calcium is the mineral that allows the normal conduction of electrical currents along your nerves. That’s how your nervous system

If you have deficiencies of calcium, your brain can’t send the signals as there is either interference or a cut line to the different organs, glands and body parts. This can be compared to having static on the phone line. It is irritating and uncomfortable. However, there can be a completely cut line where you have no signal at all, which is more serious because the line is completely cut and no messages can get through at all.

All your organs and muscles depend on this electrical current, including your heart. If there is interference on any of the nerve channels you can experience symptoms such as heart irregularities, inadequate bowel movement, feel nervous and edgy, experience pain, spasms, be hyperactive, be unable to fall asleep. The symptoms are so varied it is almost impossible to list them all. We probably don’t even know them all.

What you feel as a result of this is anything from slight discomfort to pain in varying degrees – the ultimate pain being death. The solution is to ensure you have enough calcium and magnesium and in the right form. The solution is to ensure you have enough calcium and magnesium and in the right form. One of the right forms is calcium gluconate along with magnesium carbonate with the right acid to ensure the pH is such that the body can actually absorb and use it.

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