Needing a Massage May Be a Problem or Symptom

Needing a massage, and then needing another later may point to larger issues…

The idea of a soothing, relaxing massage is wonderful, and very appealing. Feeling like you need one, however, or especially needing another later on, can be a problem.

Massage therapy relieves tension. It can create relaxation. It can do many things. But needing it repeatedly indicates that tense muscles may not be the source of the problem.

In this regard, massage may only be a short-term “solution” which leaves the real problem untouched. Massage would be more valuable as part of a longer-term solution.

It is the source of the tense muscles that provides the answers to the real benefits of massage, especially on the long term, and massages may not even be needed at all.

Muscles are supposed to get tense, but not stay that way!

Muscle contraction (and relaxation) constitute the essential motions to accomplish anything in life from sitting to walking, lifting to even resting.

But muscles which tense up to meet the demands of motion, which then stay that way, are a problem.

This is not a normal function, no matter how “stressful” the life of the sufferer may be. It is a sign that something is awry.

This indicates that, though a massage or pain reliever may provide relief, something else is causing the muscles to be unable to relax.

But what?

The real sources of muscle tension

Muscles contract and relax properly under certain conditions.

The nerves must be able to have proper energy flow to allow muscles to receive instructions from the brain on what to do next.

That nerve energy flow depends upon nerve function, which itself depends on proper supply of the minerals calcium and magnesium.

If any of these conditions are less than optimum, muscles will react by malfunctioning. Tension is the foremost symptom of such a condition.

What does it feel like to not need a massage at all?

The answer to this question is the answer to what it feels like to have a body that is in-balance and up on its nutritional and physical needs.

This is not to say that massage therapy is not valuable. It is. Its therapeutic uses and implications are numerous. But it does mean that, under optimum conditions, muscles should not be constantly getting “stuck” in tension.

What to do about tense muscles

Should you get a massage? That is not an easy question to answer, and one that shouldn’t be regulated by whether or not your muscles are tense.

The real source of the tension should always be isolated. Isolating any interruptions of nerve energy flow is always a good place to start. Calcium and magnesium supplementation can be a godsend of a solution in many cases.

Instant CalMag-C is laboratory-formulated to work with the body’s natural function of calcium and magnesium absorption and utilization. Balanced according to the body’s very detailed specifications, it provides an instant supply and can supplement any deficiencies quickly and effectively.

Try it and see how tension may not be a necessity in life, and make those massages count. Perhaps massage will become a relaxing vacation instead of a pain-releiver. And, what a vacation that would be, indeed!

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