Natural Stress Relief Supplements and Tips

Supplements for Stress

In the same way that it requires more material to repair a damaged house than for the upkeep of one in good condition, every nutrient is needed in larger amounts to repair a body damaged by multiple stresses that cause disease and/or result from it.

Regardless of the causes or forms of stress, the body immediately tries to repair the damage done, but it cannot unless all nutrients are generously supplied. Nutritional needs increase tremendously at the very time eating can be most difficult; and a diet adequate for a healthy person becomes hopelessly inadequate for someone suffering from stress.

Below are some great supplements we’ve found to provide your body with what it needs to do the repair work. In addition, you’ll find a list of Simple Stress Relievers you can use. Take Care!

Instant CalMag-C (40 servings)

Calcium and magnesium are two vital minerals often found to be depleted when you’re under stress, which can cause nervous tension, irritability, moodiness, depression, anxiety, etc.

Calcium and magnesium, in the proper 2:1 ratio, work together as a team, keeping the nerves smoothed out and functioning properly.

Instant CalMag-C calcium and magnesium supplement provides both the doctor recommended 2:1 ratio of calcium and magnesium and in the correct pH balance necessary for optimum absorption. This is the best way to take your calcium and magnesium, as pills can sit in your stomach and don’t get fully digested, which prevents the body from absorbing these vitally important nutrients.

Instant CalMag-C absorbs instantly into the body without digestion and has vitamin C, a great antioxidant that helps strengthen the immune system, which can be compromised during stressful times.

Natural Vitality Organic Life Vitamins (30 servings)

Organic Life Vitamins Liquid Multi by Natural Vitality was designed for instant absorption and maximum ulitilization so your body gets the essential nutrition it needs for a healthier and longer life.

A power-packed blend of food-based nutritients, it contains the finest quality ingredients, including organic ACTIValoe brand biologically active whole-leaf aloe vera, multiple vitamins, ConcenTrace brand trace minerals, a full range of amino acids, antioxidants, OptiMSM brand MSM and Chromax brand chromium picolinate.

Organic Life Vitamins comes in a 32oz. bottle and is also available in a box of 30 individual Nutri Packs for travel, purse, gym or office use

Natural Vitality B Complex 100mg (100 tablets)

B-complex vitamins are vitally important in stress relief management because one of their primary roles in the body is also keeping the nervous system functioning well. Deficiencies of B-vitamins are associated with nerve problems and an increase in stress-related symptoms, such as depression, anxiety and irritability.

Natural Vitality’s B Complex is a vegetable sourced, balanced formula of all of the B vitamins. One tablet is all you need to give you the extra support needed to deal with daily living and stress.

Simple Tips to Help Relieve Stress

Besides the vitamins and minerals we recommend, here are some helpful tips on relieving stress:

1. Improve your diet immediately with a good quality and adequate protein intake – not processed meats and foods but genuine meat, eggs (don’t believe the false data about eggs and cholesterol as they are a good source of protein), high-protein vegetables and a good quality protein shake to fill the gaps.

2. Eat fresh vegetables, preferably raw and organically grown wherever possible.

3. Cut out or consume less fried foods, sugars, soda pop, alcohol, "empty" foods that have no nutritional value and just place an extra burden on your body to cope with them.

4. Get adequate sleep (your body repairs itself when you’re sleeping) and some exercise (get the blood flowing as it helps to carry away waste materials).

5. Take a walk and look around you at things in the environment. Don’t walk "thinking", just look around you and notice things – this is very therapeutic.

6. Wrap us as many incomplete cycles as you can, or decide to end cycle on them if they’re not worth pursuing.

7. Take time out to get your personal space sorted out, get rid of unwanted stuff and make your space comfortable for you – not someone else. Don’t allow this to create upset though as the purpose is to calm things down. If it’s shared space, work something out with those the space is being shared with so everyone feels good about it.

8. Write letters to friends or family.

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