Mysterious Weight Gain, This Deficiency May Be to Blame

Not only does the “sleep diet” exist but it actually is the ONLY diet….so wake up and take notice!

You’d better get to sleep because you may wake up to a whole new body!

Think it’s a joke? It’s not. There is some sound logic to the science behind sleep. And if you add in a little self-awareness you will find yourself getting results for, perhaps the first time ever!

Understanding what powers sleep, and conversely what inhibits it, you can gain control over its effects, including weight loss, especially since your fat burning occurs during sleep, not during the fat-burning activity.

So let’s take a look at what could also be appropriately called “The Dream Diet!”

Fat-burning is on a delay, but it checks out…

Now, it may seem strange at first, but it’s actually logical how this could be. Especially when you consider the purpose of sleep.

Sleep is not just a “rest period” but a period during which tissue and cells are rejuvenated and the body is literally being rebuilt from the day before. This is why sleep is crucial. It underlies all body function.

Here is why sleep deprivation is so damaging. You’re literally keeping the body from repairing itself.

So, on a cellular level, these changes are made and the fat-burning process is no exception. In fact it is somewhat involved. Anything that’s “burned” is being used to fuel function. And your body,

despite looking like it’s at rest, is doing quite a bit of function overnight. And that, too, needs fuel.

Proportionately the amount of work the body does at night could rival some of the most intense workout routines in terms of effects created.

But there is one difference between workouts and sleep: damaging and rebuilding. Workouts do some damage to the body and sleep repairs. All the growth and regeneration happens when you sleep.

So even if lifting, your actual gain is going to happen overnight.

What ‘fuels’ sleep?

Now that we know how important sleep is as a major and VITAL body function, what are its requirements?

They are actually rather simple but do require a pretty intricate harmony of organ and gland function, muscle relaxation and free nerve energy flow.

But the latter seems to be of senior importance. Nerve energy flow is of paramount importance to sleep because all the systems that need to work in “harmony” actually do so through communication.

The nerves comprising the body’s communication system are flowing electrical energy through these “wires” to be able to communicate back and forth and make the magic behind sleep into scientific reality. In other words, you get a good night’s sleep!

Interfere with this energy flow and you get problems. Think about it. What happens when the cell towers are down? What happens when the internet is down? Can you communicate with anyone?

The body works in the same way. When blocked, it’s systems stop communicating and everyone starts “doing their own thing” so to speak, or worse, all function ceases.

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What blocks sleep?

The body’s communication system — the nervous system — breaks down in two ways:

Physical interference on nerve pathways Nerve energy supply interruption

Structurally, when the basic structure and foundation of the body is off (spine and feet), the rest of the structure suffers. This can cause it to interfere physically with the delicate placement of the nerves. Irritating them it can cut down their energy.

But then there is the problem of energy itself.

Without adequate energy in the first place, even if the pathways are open, there is nothing to flow. This can occur in the body because of improper or insufficient nutrition.

It’s like having a perfect highway but now cars using it. It becomes silent and useless.

These are the two most important components without which nothing else would work.

Calcium and magnesium fueling nerve energy, as well as several HUNDRED other body functions, deficiency of these is a primary cause of not achieving a proper, restorative sleep cycle!

And there goes sleep!

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How do you get your sleep on?

As you can see, if you’re not sleeping, you’re probably not losing weight, recovering from workouts, repairing tissue and even processing nutrients correctly.

Once you understand this, the next step is to isolate your personal issues which you now know can fall into two basic categories.

As for any structural imbalances, Chiropractors are famous for helping to straighten these out. As for staying in balance, from yoga to pilates, to just plain stretching, there are many things which can maintain healthier structure and balance. This is the easy part.

As for the nerve energy itself, there are many reasons this could be “off” and could require the help of a wellness professional to figure out. It can involve basic nutrition, toxicity and many other factors. Bottom line is, are you feeding your nervous system or not?

Your calcium and magnesium levels are imperative to ensuring proper nerve energy flow and even muscle relaxation and recovery. All of these are essential to sleep.

In most cases it is a combination of the two of these.

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What can put you to sleep?

Before you reach for that sleep aid or that glass of wine, realize these things can be the very “communication killers” which inhibit sleep.

The best thing to do is to maintain those calcium and magnesium levels. Even if you think you’re getting enough in your diet, you may be not getting enough. Further you may be working against them by depleting your own levels.

That glass of wine you have before bed alone changes blood sugar levels and makes these minerals have to go to work on that instead of other functions. Your levels can crash and put you in worse condition requiring more wine!

But, even if you’re good, soil depletion of basic minerals can make foods you eat deficient in minerals too.

Instant CalMag-C is formulated with the exact amount, proportion and form to work with your body’s natural way of absorbing and using minerals. The result is that this drinkable supplement gets to work IMMEDIATELY to fulfill the body’s requirements for these two powerful minerals.

When they are in full play, sleep can be a dream! And goodbye “mystery weight gain” nightmares!

This could be your chance. Try Instant CalMag-C and see what supplementing any deficiencies you may have can do for you. With hundreds of body processes at stake, imagine how far its can take you to fulfill these deficiencies!

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