Musicians and Drugs

Have you ever wondered why so many musicians turn to drugs? There can be many and varied reasons but a main factor is noise. Noise burns up magnesium, which makes a person feel very uncomfortable, jumpy, nervous, agitated or even “freaked out”, etc. 

No-one likes to feel uncomfortable, jumpy, nervous, agitated or “freaked out” so a solution has to be found and an “easy” and apparently “workable” one is a drug of some sort. The only problem with that is that it just worsens the condition when it wears off so one has to reach for more and this becomes a dwindling spiral. 

Loud Noise Increases Urinary Excretion 

“Exposure to loud music can increase urinary excretion of magnesium, which lasts for days after exposure. If magnesium is not replaced through an excellent diet and supplements, any of about 100 magnesium deficiency symptoms may begin to appear. This includes such things as food cravings, headaches, heart disease, rapid heart rate, high blood pressure, hyperactivity, insomnia, irritability, menstrual pain and cramps, migraines, muscle cramps or pains, numbness of hands and feet, PMS, restlessness, anxiety, diminished sexual energy, easily startled by noise, tingling of hands and feet, tremors …….” 

Problem With Drugs 

The problem with drugs is that at first a little bit will “solve” the immediate problem but as usage continues, more is needed to achieve the same “relief”, and so on until one is using so much that many an overdose occurs accidentally because the user is trying to get the same feeling of relief or sensation. Not a good solution because life becomes unbearable for the person and those around him or her. 

The reason that a depletion or deficiency of magnesium can cause someone to feel the need for a drug is that magnesium coats the nerve endings so there is a barrier between the nerves and external influences. One of the biggest causes of depletion – besides poor eating habits or general deficiencies – is being exposed to noise and that’s what musicians are exposed to constantly. The drugs worsen the magnesium deficiency problem, so it’s a vicious circle.

Too much noise depletes magnesium whilst a deficiency of magnesium increases sensitivity to noise. You just can’t win – unless you know this data. 

Magnesium depletion occurs when one is in a noisy environment – and this includes where loud music is being played, noisy cars or flying in noisy airplanes/helicopters, noisy gatherings such as bars, in the work environment where manufacturing processes are noisy, and many more similar environments. The more noise you’re exposed to, the worse the deficiency of magnesium becomes, especially if you’re dehydrated and loading up on sugars and refined carbohydrates, such as white flour products, pastas, cookies, etc.

As one of magnesium’s functions is to coat the nerve ends, if you are short of it, there is nothing between your nerve ends and the environment and so small noises will irritate or upset you.

If you’re exposed to noise, you should keep your magnesium levels high. If you find you’re hearing every sound when you’re trying to sleep too, the chances are you need magnesium and because magnesium is vital for so many body functions, it’s really important to handle any deficiencies with top speed.

Other consequences can be pretty severe. Even a baby who wakes at the slightest sounds is manifesting a deficiency in this vital mineral. Don’t ignore it. Baby’s life – and yours – will be much calmer if you give him/her some magnesium. If baby is being breast-fed, it is even more important to make sure the mom is getting large amounts of this mineral. Both mom and baby will benefit, not to mention the rest of the family.

Food Sources of Magnesium 

Some foods that contain a good amount of magnesium include: brewer’s yeast, wheat bran (please make sure it’s not GMO), wheat germ, molasses, almonds, Brazil nuts, wheat grain, pecans, rye, cashews, brown rice, coconut flesh, collard greens, and many more. I suggest you find a good reference source to get more ideas. 

I hope you find this data useful. 


In order for magnesium to be utilized by the body, it needs its partner, calcium, in a specific ratio.

For supplementation, we found the best way to get it into the body, hence CalMag-C. The reason we get great results with it is the way it’s made. 

Both Calcium and Magnesium are Alkaline 

Because of this they need a little acid to get them back to neutral so they can dissolve and be absorbed. If you don’t get it like this, the calcium can form stones in your kidneys and/or deposit in your joints and other places such as behind your eyes and so on. This is a very important factor when using calcium. Also, your body is very clever and it will just draw whatever magnesium you have in it to balance up with the calcium. This creates further magnesium deficiencies and worsens the problem.

You can use apple cider vinegar but a lot of people have a problem with the taste so we use vitamin C, which is natural and has no side effects. The body needs calcium, magnesium and vitamin C so this makes it a simple and effective way to get the minerals in the right form.

Successful Results 

Sleep Better and Back Pain: “I sleep better and feel much better during my day work.  I’m much more relaxed and simply happy. I suffered from muscle stiffness and back pain about over four years now! And I can´t believe that this suffering has an end now! Be sure that I´m going to be your most faithful customer!” CG, Germany 

Sleep Better and Back Pain: “I sleep better and feel much better during my day work.  I’m much more relaxed and simply happy. I suffered from muscle stiffness and back pain about over four years now! And I can´t believe that this suffering has an end now! Be sure that I´m going to be your most faithful customer!” CG, Germany 

Son Slept: “I was having a hard time getting my 7-year-old to wind down at the end of the night. After taking Instant CalMag-C, he not only wound down, but he ended up sleeping until 11:00 am the next morning. Prior to that morning, I was lucky if he slept past 7 am.” PD (wife of chiropractor), Atlanta, GA 

Sleep, Back, Calmer: “The whole house uses Instant CalMag-C. My children sleep the night through, my husband’s back has never been better and I am a much calmer Mom since using it. Thank you for such an awesome product. We all will certainly use it for many years.” SS, Pennsylvania 

Kids and Sleep: “I give this to my kid every day with her favorite juice and she loves it! Since she’s been taking it, she sleeps better and is more content. Whenever she’s had too much sugar, I know exactly what to do: Instant CalMag-C to the rescue!” MC, Clearwater, FL 

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