Muscle Tension Is Common But Not Normal

Muscle tension may be a common thing but it is certainly not normal to have it

These days, there are many health issues people face. Few, however are as rampant as muscle tension from stress, especially in the workplace and corporate sector. Sitting for long periods in front of a computer, facing deadlines and working long hours take their toll. This is to say nothing of stress in general. With a large majority of people suffering, it is easy to think that stress and muscle tension are the “new normal” when it comes to disease. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

This only makes them common and they are not normal. The good news is that, because they are not normal, there is something that can be done.

Common and normal are not the same thing

This is the first misconception which lengthens the duration of muscle tension. When you consider something is normal, you seldom think that it can change. But, an ideal state does exist. Pain is not natural to the body. It is a signal of an underlying physical problem. In fact, you could say it is a signal that something isn’t normal. Muscle tension due to stress or other everyday factors is still not a normal condition. Proof positive is the fact that not everyone suffers. If it was a normal condition, it would be the same for everyone and a grim outlook for sure.

So, if muscle tension and stress are not normal, what is?

That is a great question. While there are numerous thousands of body functions, suffice to say that it all comes down to a central control system: your nervous system. Here we have a functioning “computer” of sorts (the brain) and a network (nerves) connecting the parts it controls (organs and muscles). Muscles, organs and their functions and processes are regulated with messages carried by the nervous system. This makes it the most important system of all. Without it, even organs in top condition will not function.

How do you support the nervous system and avoid muscle tension?

This is simpler than it sounds. Nerves have two requirements: a fuel source to create electricity and a free path between brain and body. As for a free pathway, several conditions can cause electrical messages to be hindered in their travels between brain and body. Practitioners such as Chiropractors specialize in ensuring these pathways remain open. Fueling the nerves, however, requires intervention a little more close to home: you. Proper nutrition is key. Intake of the right fuels ensures a working nervous system. Body function always follows nutrition.

Muscles need fuel too…

Muscles have two functions: contraction and relaxation. Based on these two functions alone, they are able to accomplish anything they are designed to do. From walking to lifting, and even sleeping, muscles support what we do. These two vital functions are fueled by the minerals calcium and magnesium. And, in the same way they support the nerves, they keep the muscles functioning as well. Muscle tension is often a compound issue of muscular and nerve malfunction due to malnutrition and physical blockages to nerve energy flow. Calcium and magnesium support the contraction-relaxation functions of the muscles and nerves. Taken in sufficient supply, ratio and quantity, they make for a well-functioning, stress-free body.

The answer to muscle tension simplified…

When muscle tension strikes, even if it is minor, one thing is for certain: the nerves and muscles are not getting something they need. The remedy is a two-fold approach: remove interference and supplement fuel. Calcium and magnesium are paramount when it comes to this.

Taking just any form and combination of these minerals is not the answer. Many calcium and magnesium supplements are not formulated based on the body’s need for them. This can often compound the problem. Instant CalMag-C is formulated based on the natural function of the body and offers a fast result by absorbing instantly into the system. Try it today and see the difference you may experience in muscle tension and stress.

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