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Instant CalMag-C is not some miracle product that you only use to resolve an immediate problem. It should be a way of life. It is not a drug. It is something your body needs to function efficiently. The worst thing that will happen if you have too much is that your body will get rid of it through your bowels or bladder.

Calcium and magnesium are responsible for more than 300 chemical reactions in the body.  If you’re deficient, many of these chemical reactions won’t occur and you can feel all kinds of symptoms.

Symptoms of deficiencies: mild aches and pains to heart failure, insomnia and after-sport or physical work pains, hyperactivity, PMS, menopausal issues, constipation, teething problems, headaches, muscle spasms, cramps, colic, stress, certain arthritic pains, depression. The list goes on…..

Pain-killing effects: Calcium gluconate, one of the ingredients in the Instant CalMag-C, is the best known painkiller and is more powerful than morphine without the side effects. The reason it is not more widely used can only be guessed at.

Mixing instructions: To mix yourself a glass of Instant CalMag-C, place a slightly rounded teaspoon (or more as desired) of powder in a cup or glass, add boiling water, stir till dissolved and then add ice blocks, cold water or your favorite herbal tea bag or unsweetened juice. No sugar, please. That will just counteract the positive effects. Sugar creates deficiencies of these minerals.

You will see the fizzing when you add the boiling water. This is a very important part of the chemical reaction that is needed to create the correct effect required for optimum absorption. You can make it with cold water but it won’t dissolve properly and you will not get the full benefit of the formula. It is okay to drink it like that but you will lose some of the benefit.

Daily Doses: You can have as many glasses of Instant CalMag-C daily as you wish. It would be hard to overdose on it. Recommended dose is 2 – 3 rounded teaspons once or more times daily.

Some people get loose bowels. This is usually due to the fact that magnesium is a natural stool softener. It is not toxic nor should it cause ill effects. If your stools get loose, cut back the dosage to your tolerance level and once you’ve had that for a while, slightly increase it till you either reach the recommended dose or your personal tolerance level.

It is safe to give small babies in very small doses, like the tip of a teaspoon. As their tolerance increases, you can increase it slowly. It is great for teething and upsets..

International: We have had a lot of success with this product and have customers worldwide.


Back Pains: “I talked to my Chiropractor about the CalMag-C and he confirms your claims. Actually, he was confirming MY claims about the product. It had to be my claims because I REALLY had NEVER found anything in over 40 years that was natural and REALLY worked at reducing and often eliminating the back pains!

“I had used the prednizone a few times but did not and do not want to take pills and shots, or have surgery IF I can avoid it. Cal-Mag-C has extended my useful life, makes me feel better and therefore makes me more of a pleasure to be around! THANK you, girls, for your product!” 


William C California

Restless Legs: “From a very young age, I suffered from restless legs – until I heard of Calmag-C.  I have been using Calmag-C for the past 3 months and I no longer have sore or restless legs!  I highly recommend it!  I can’t tell you how good it feels to get into bed without having restless legs!  Thanks very much.  I don’t think there is anything else that really works!  People, try it!  You won’t regret it!” 

EL Meyerton

Chronic Pain, Fall Asleep, Taste! “I’ve been using various calmags for a long time, and this is definitely the easiest to assimilate, the best tasting, and the most effective!  I drink it in the early evening, and by bedtime, I’m ready to fall asleep.  Also, I have had chronic pain issues from scoliosis, and the CalMag-C seems to be part of what’s helping me resolve that!  Most of all, I love the taste… I drink it instead of tea or coffee!”


Back Pain & Sleep: “My husband frequently has pain in his back from the hard work we do all day and CalMag C relieves it quickly and if I can get him to drink it consistently and enough, it gets rid of it completely and he also starts to walk straight! He also sleeps much better when he drinks it.  I take it for general body stiffness and aches that accumulate in my knee, shoulder, and just about anywhere else when I am depleted in calcium and magnesium. Basically it is an essential to aging!”  

MF from Florida

Cramps, PMS: “My daughter would never drink any calmag no matter how badly she needed it. Last week I tried out your Instant Calmag-C and I liked the lemon taste. I thought that she might like this one. The next day she came home with heavy cramps due to her period, and I suggested she drink the calmag. She did. She liked it and within ten minutes her cramps were gone. This is a winner!!


Marlene C, Florida

Baby Slept Like a Log! “Your newsletter is great – good stories of good results. I have a story of Instant CalMag-C. My friend’s 3-month old baby did not sleep well; she had little jerks in her little body when she was lying in her perambulator and she was extremely sensitive to sounds around her. I got my friend some Instant CalMag-C which she took every day and when she breastfed the baby, the calmag was given to the little one. Result: Baby slept like a log.”

ED, Florida

Nervousness, Sleep, Teething: “Since all members of my family including me, my husband and my 1½ year old daughter started to take Calmag-C we seem to have less problems in the family. If before I was nervous about some things, now I notice that I am more calm and become much less irritated and nervous. My husband’s sleep improved and it’s worth to say more about our daughter: she doesn’t have teething symptoms since she is taking CalMag-C, and it really handles a lot as she is not capricious any more, better sleeps at night and easy to get her to bed. It’s pleasant by taste, so I can give it to her without mixing with juice or any other sweet drink. She is now demanding every day for her portion of CalMag-C!”

Olga Y, Russia

Kids & Sleep: “I give this to my kid every day with her favorite juice and she loves it! Since she’s been taking it, she sleeps better and is more content. Whenever she’s had too much sugar, I know exactly what to do: Instant CalMag-C to the rescue!”

MC, Clearwater, FL

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