Mom No Longer Loses Sleep Over Kid That Can’t Sleep

“[My son] would come into my room in the middle of the night crying that he couldn’t sleep and had been up for hours just lying in bed…”

Here is a story about a kid who can’t sleep:

“I just wanted to let you know about some success I’ve been having with the Cal Mag C product. My son who is 9 was having problems sleeping. He would come into my room in the middle of the night crying that he couldn’t sleep and had been up for hours just lying in bed trying to sleep.

“I tried many different handlings but nothing was working…”

“It actually was getting worse and I really didn’t know what to do. This was of course affecting his attitude during the day and he was just cranky.

“I got the Cal Mag C product and started making it for him every night just before bed. And honestly it was like night and day. I never expected it to work as well as it did.

“He started sleeping through the night…”

“It’s kind of amazing, because I figured it would help but I never expected it to fully handle the problem. [He] now asks for “his drink” before bed every night. He knows that he has to have it and in fact likes it.

“Thanks so much for a good product…”

“It makes me happy as a mom to help my son, but also just the knowledge that he is getting nutrients that he needs with the Calcium, Magnesium, and vitamin C that is helping his overall immune system. I have been telling my fellow mom’s and other friends about this product as well and would recommend it to anyone just to stay healthy. ” – J.O.

Calcium, Magnesium required by kids and adults who can’t sleep

Called the most powerful stress relief mineral, magnesium especially has been tied to relaxation, calm and stress relief. What is not generally known, however, is it’s need for the mineral calcium in tandem for balance and proper activation and absorption into the body along with a properly acidic environment to allow the reaction to happen. Otherwise such minerals may be useless to the body. And that may result in someone who can’t sleep.

The Instant CalMag-C Secret…shhhhhhhhh…

There is no one secret ingredient in Instant Calmag-C – all of the ingredients, their laboratory formulation and their precise ratio in combination, collectively comprise the secret. Magnesium becomes especially effective in supporting scores of body functions, not the least of which are processes related to sleep. As you can see from this mother’s story, the results were “night and day” and the difference between sleepless nights for her son (and her too) and a boy who asks for his supplement and sleeps soundly all night.

Just try some Instant CalMag-C and see what differences supplementing any deficiencies can do for you. With literally hundreds of body processes dependent upon these valuable minerals, you may be surprised at the changes and benefits you may see.

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