Mineral Criminals Are Back: Magnesium Thieves

Magnesium Deficiency Created by the Same Robbers Who Stole Your Calcium

You previously read our “Mineral Criminals” article exposing “thieves” who create calcium deficiency.

Now those same thieves are back. They have returned for another valuable: magnesium!

But, knowing how they operate, you can prevent a break-in and keep your magnesium levels at optimum.

From Cardiac Meds to Birth Control, Mineral Deficiency Is Imminent!

Yes, drugs and meds are still a number one “mineral criminal” and leave deficiency in their wake. The side effects of many medications are that they deplete minerals.

Many of the culprits are popular meds including cardiac, diuretics, birth control and even anti-inflammatory drugs.

It is ironic because magnesium is key to many of the body processes these drugs are targeted to influence. A magnesium deficiency, in many cases, can present a much worse problem.

Magnesium Supplements Causing Magnesium Deficiency?

It would seem odd at first that a magnesium supplement could rob you of magnesium, but it’s true.

In fact, there is only one way for the body to absorb magnesium (among other minerals).

The body has specific requirements for magnesium absorption including a ratio to calcium, a certain pH balance and, most importantly, the proper form of magnesium!

The body specifically needs magnesium carbonate. Further, it must be combined with Calcium

Gluconate (not carbonate) in a very precise ratio and balance.

Without these precise conditions, minerals taken are simply rocks. And they will form deposits and create further difficulties.

Magnesium Deficient Diets

Don’t be fooled. Even if you feel you eat magnesium rich foods, you may yet be causing a deficiency.

Soil depletion over many years has accounted for less minerals from food. Studies have shown drastically different levels in foods from years ago.

It is perhaps because of this one factor alone that supplement sales have been on the rise for decades with no sign of decline.

What can you do about magnesium deficiency?…

Awareness of magnesium deficiency or its risk is a primary measure you can take. Being aware of “mineral criminals” can also put you on the defensive. Obvious measures can be taken accordingly.

Supplementation is key in many cases, but as you can see, it is not a subject to be taken lightly.

There is precision to mineral and nutrient absorption, and miscalculation can exacerbate the problem.

Instant CalMag-C is a supplement engineered based on the body’s natural requirements for the forms of calcium and magnesium along with the “environment” required to create a proper reaction.

The result is fast, effective assimilation of these minerals, which go to work instantly to mitigate any “theft”. The results can make all the difference.

Try adding Instant CalMag-C to your mineral “theft security system” today!

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