Millions of People May Be Eating Rocks Without Knowing and Suffering Mysterious Consequences!

The Rocks In Your Diet You Didn’t Know You Were Eating May Be Causing Stress and Disease You’re Experiencing…

Who in their right mind would eat rocks?

Certainly not you. Surely, not with your knowledge.

But, that is just the point. What if you were eating rocks, unknowingly? What if they insidiously made their way into your system, accumulating, undigested, into a rock pile with an entire host of health and stress issues to follow?

What if this was the reason you carry your stress in your neck, shoulders, head, digestive or any other area you tend to hold onto it?

Factually, people do “eat rocks” every day and suffer from everything from pain to arthritis, from stress and tension to even dehydration, sleep issues and fatigue.

How could this be possible?

The answer is unbelievable but actually can be the difference between carrying stress in the body and living a wellness-based, relaxed and stress-free lifestyle.

The solution is, once again, found in base knowledge of how the body works, what it requires and what it will accept or reject. And, you don’t have to be a genius to get it.

The body is actually quite picky about what it will accept, use or reject…

The first thing to understand is that the human body is not only an intricate system with a delicately-balanced, if miraculous, set of processes working in constant harmony, it is extremely particular about its requirements to fuel it.

Between the basic structure, designed specifically to support it, the muscular system to create motion inside and out and its organic array, it is already a pretty complex machine.

Just as any machine is particular about how it is to run, especially with regard to the fuel it will accept and utilize, so does the human body require specific conditions.

Unlike complex, modern machinery however, unfortunately, it does not come with a manual of operation.

In fact, it is apparent that you need a doctorate degree and years of study to understand it.

But, when it comes to the fundamentals of the body’s operation, it is relatively simple to understand.

As with any machine, to fix it, you do not need a vast catalog of remedies. You need a working knowledge of how a functioning machine works and how it is supposed to operate.

Without an understanding of a working machine, how could you ever get it to work when it malfunctions?

Understanding the fundamentals of how the body works are no different. If you understand the body’s needs to function, you can better evaluate what you should do to satisfy them.

This concept alone can be mind-blowing and the difference between proper function and absolute chaos!

So, what does the human body require? The answer to that is all you need to know to understand why it malfunctions AND to get it functioning in the optimum!

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Why does the body get stressed out and what might you be doing to cause it?

So, what is all this talk about rocks and is it really a thing? And, are you really causing it when it happens?

It is and you are!

This may be a difficult “rock” to swallow, however, because it indicates that the mystery lies in something you may be doing, however unknowingly, and the surreptitious havoc this may wreak.

Carrying stress in the shoulders, neck, back or head is a prime indicator, with fatigue, tension, exhaustion and sleep difficulty running a close second.

In, the most extreme cases, even arthritis, cataracts, heart problems, blood sugar issues and, yes, dehydration, are all possible.

Though the outlook seems grim, understanding this opens the door to remedy, prevention and overall wellness.

The answer is in minerals. Rocks themselves, these vital resources are required in balance and sufficient quantity. And, though they take many forms, only specific ones in specific combination are accepted and utilized by the body.

Here is the entrance point to a “rock pile” that can accumulate in abundance, causing the body to “carry” an abundance of minerals it can’t use, all while suffering deficiency!

How can you have plenty of something, even an abundance of it, and still end up deficient?

Here is a relatively simple proposition.

When minerals are consumed, they are evaluated for “authenticity” and then absorbed and utilized or rejected and excreted. Sometimes, when the “rejects” are consumed in volume, they tend to accumulate.

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A prime, if extreme example would be arthritis, Here, an accumulation of unused minerals occurs in the joints creating a vary restricting, painful condition indeed. A host of other accumulations of this nature can cause hundreds of malfunctions.

One of the most popular minerals that accumulates is calcium. This may not be so obvious however, certainly we have all witnessed the “calcification” of cookware or coffee pots with an accumulation. of mineral residue from “hard water” effects.

In fact, this body issue could be likened to the “hard water” scenario. This is a situation of unusable minerals accumulating everywhere but where you need them.

What happens in the absence of minerals is also what happens when you have an abundance of unusable minerals!

Mineral misfires are easy to understand when you understand form and function between minerals and body. Any amount of improper mineral forms can create an accumulation as well as deficiency issues. Getting proper forms is key!

Instant CalMag-C is laboratory formulated to the specifications of the body for instant, fast absorption and immediate use by the body. The result is function where these minerals are required which comprise, literally, HUNDREDS of body processes!

Try Instant CalMag-C today and see the difference it can make where these minerals were deficient and the hundreds of problems such deficiencies tend to cause.

You may just crawl out from under a rock into an open, stress-free world!

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