MEMORY FAILS: What to never forget (nutritionally).

Lest we forget, proper nutrition is the first thing to remember!


Something we all take for granted, cognitive function is only noticed when it fades. Otherwise we tend to “forget” about it. Memory loss gets our full attention. Yet, we soon forget its impact.

Most of us have experienced it, if temporarily, when we, inadvertently, “create” the situation for ourselves.

But is it something to remember more regularly?

While memory itself is a bit of a mystery to express in purely physical terms, body mechanics do tend to influence it.

Further, contrary to popular conception, problems of “memory fading” are not only manifest in the elderly. Time isn’t the only “fader or memories” that exists. There are others.

Being forgetful can happen at any age. Given the right circumstance, cognitive function can change. If you have ever spoken to an intoxicated person, you have noticed it happen, if artificially, in living color!

An unconscious man is not likely to remember much.

So, while we may not have every answer to memory that fades, we can know how to support and empower it by understanding the purely physical aspects which hinder it when they are absent.

And, because nutritional aspects of this are so common, there is a ton more memory available to all than was previously thought, and certainly something can be done to improve it.

Remember… forgetting can be caused!

It doesn’t take much science, a laboratory or skilled research analyst to understand changes in cognitive function, especially when it comes to memory loss.

A fact of life for all, it can be observed with a bit of self-awareness.

If you have ever gone without a meal or two, have even mildly lacked sleep or taken some medications, you have likely experienced symptoms of cognitive challenge.

Being hungry, tired or under the influence of some chemical, your way of thinking changes.

If you were to put it to the test you may find yourself not able to remember some of the most obvious and basic things such as how to spell your own name, where you are or even what you had for lunch!

A body needs basics such as fuel and rest and, if it doesn’t get these, their deficiency can interfere with other function.

Cognitive function is no exception.

So, sacrificing basic brain function, the entire body can suffer.

How can this happen?

What’s the surest way to inhibit brain function and what should you never forget to do to prevent it?

Bottom line, withdrawing support, you can kill function.

The surest way to inhibit cognitive function is to suppress the most fundamental basics that support it. Mood, attitude, aptitude and, yes, memory are front and center as to the symptoms.

The support? Some evidence of basic minerals and their relation to cellular function, especially in the brain, explain much of how numero-transmission works. This is a fancy way of saying “nerve communication within the body’s network, all of which is composed mainly of cells.”

The cells that make up these pathways are supported by key ingredients, the most popular being none other than CALCIUM!

Even a Triple-A, hall-of-fame football star, who suffered latent effects of a concussion, tells his story of how he personally observed the changes in his cognitive make-up with changes in demeanor and attitude to directly result!

Without the building blocks of cells, they cannot function. Calcium is one of the two main minerals that cause neuro-transmitting cells to do what they do: send communication along nerve channels.

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What does the inhibited nerve function have to do with memory loss?

The action of the cells that make up the nerves is a simple, dual-function process. By cellular contraction, then relaxation, they can propel energy along a direct line.

This is how nerves transmit energy, the ultimate simplicity in such a complex machine.

Calcium actually creates this contraction. Magnesium partners with it to make sure the cell can relax the tension and the process repeats.

Are you starting to get the idea of where this process breaks down?

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If you can’t “cure” memory loss, can you at least improve or even prevent it?

While it’s debatable, and not proven to any great degree, that memory loss can be cured, and while there are numerous studies supporting both sides of the argument, your own self-awareness can tell you quite a bit of the answer to this question.

Can you improve memory or prevent memory loss?

Think about it. If you experience loss of cognitive function because of malnutrition, mineral deficiency (such as dehydration and the like), intoxication or influence of medicines, you certainly know the “cause” of that manifestation. You deprived some function and got an observable result.

Supplementing deficiency, eliminating toxins and other measures would obviously return function these conditions debarred.

Where mineral deficiency, as in calcium and magnesium, is the inhibitor of function, it’s supplementation would obviously set things back to right, at least back to where they were to start.

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Instant CalMag-C Supplement can fill key mineral deficiency behind many malfunctions

Where deficiencies exist and functions suffer, supplementation of the exact minerals can obviously restore function.

Instant CalMag-C is unique among nutritional supplements in that it is laboratory-formulated to absorb into the body in the exact form, combination and ratio the body requires to utilize these vital minerals.

The result of this drinkable supplement is instant absorption and immediate use of these minerals in body processes that depend so vitally upon them. And where deficiency of these has caused malfunction, these can most quickly and astoundingly be restored.

Cognitive function interference because of malnutrition and mineral deficiency can be proven by direct observation and can similarly be improved though supplementation.

Try Instant CalMag-C today and see what supplementing any deficiencies you may have can do.

You surely won’t forget!

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Athlete Cognitive Function Loss Gets a Mineral Win!

“I suffered a Grade 3 concussion on the football field. The injury caused me to feel angry and I also experienced anxiety over not being able to play.

“Coach… had a bottle of Instant CalMag-C in his office.

“…Right away I was able to control my anger issues. I could tell the difference.”

– Brian “Pork Chop” Golnick

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