Measures to Take When Nothing Helps You Relax…

It’s a real problem if you can’t relax… But what can you do?

Not being able to relax is an all-too-common problem these days but, again, is not a normal condition. The human body is not only rugged enough to take environmental stress, it also should be able to relax when its work is done.

So why is it often unable to relax? This is the exact right question to ask. For its true answer is the way to relaxation.

Are we really going to blame stress again? It’s not as guilty as you may think!

Stress has become the scapegoat for all that is wrong in the body, and a wastebasket diagnosis at that. As an explanation it is lazy at best as it neglects true cause.

Stress itself is really a trigger. It is not itself a cause. It’s negative influence on the body is an indicator that something has gone awry.

The human body is quite rugged, robustly able to handle immense amounts of stress in its ideal condition. So what could possibly weaken its affront to environmental stress?

When your shields against stress go down, you become the stress!

Defenseless against environmental stress, you cave to its pressure. As with anything in this universe, when the pressure outside is not balanced with pressure from within, you end up with a collapse, a “winning” of the greater force.

But what does that mean when it’s your body?

Your body IS your defense, your shield against the cruel pressures of the environment. Work challenges, emotional stress, physical overexertion and the like all should be taken in stride. Your body’s “pressure” outward, its ability to function, should equalize the counter-pressure from environmental factors. This is a breakdown of basic function.

Is there a such thing as being over-defensive?

In short, yes.

When it comes to stress, the body should be equally offensive and defensive against the challenges of its environment. But, when the basic balance breaks down, ironically, the body gets overly defensive, so to speak.

This can be likened to exerting force against the environment, such as lifting weights at the gym, but never stopping. Applying the force required to lift, 24 hours per day, non-stop illustrates this “over-defensiveness” perfectly.

The trigger is the stress, but the problem is predisposition…

When your “shields” are down, and you are defenseless, wide open to attack by the environment, you are in a state of predisposition to various conditions. Inability to relax is a foremost example.

Whether there is nerve interference, injury, malnutrition, sleep-deprivation or the like, something must be lacking or deficient for you to begin to be manifesting sympotoms.

Commonplace is the nutritional deficiency of the mineral magnesium, perhaps the most underrated and neglected of all conditions. It being the “relaxation” mineral, literally responsible for relaxation of the muscles after calcium contracts them, is the plot twist to our story.

Inability to relax can simply be a manifestation of magnesium deficiency.

Get some magnesium in your diet and it’s all solved right? Well, almost…

In the previous “Return of the Mineral Criminals” article, it was revealed that only magnesium carbonate could be absorbed by the body and any other forms are rejected and accumulate as deposits, causing the body further challenge and strife.

Further, a precise ratio with a particular form of calcium (calcium bi-carbonate) is required along with an acid to balance the pH and create a precise condition the body requires for absorption.

Coupled with he fact that many foods are mineral deficient themselves these days, supplementation seems inevitable. But, it is clear that simply “taking magnesium” is not the end-all of the relaxation conundrum.

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