Mass Hysteria Remedy Needed Now

There have always been moments of tension in history when mass hysteria has been an issue.

Times of war, crises and even economic downturn have been culprits. However, never has it been more prominent than in recent years, with people at a fever pitch of worry, grief and, yes, mass hysteria. The difference now? News stories and news FEEDS are flooded with outcry and clamor of political, religious and even personal nature. This flood of information and controversy has created a tense situation for all. Never has there been a more appropriate time to calm down the masses. To do so however, a few factors need to be examined and addressed.

What do you do when you can’t sort it out?

Admittedly, it’s confusing. Opinions abound. Slanted news stories, angry news feeds and outright conflict make it difficult to remain calm and collected. The first thing to realize is that there are two categories of circumstance: things you directly control and those you don’t. Trying to control things you don’t directly control, especially in the absence of facts, can create a maddening state of mind. Because of this, stress levels have skyrocketed. Spread via social media, personal stress can fast become mass hysteria. On the other hand, you can control your reaction to all of it. Focusing on this aspect is a prime factor in handling the stress of the masses: individual reaction to stress.

Stress can be more contagious than disease

What do they do with someone who has contracted a contagious virus? They put them in quarantine; separate them to prevent spread of the disease to the masses. Unfortunately, this is seldom possible when it comes to public stress and mass hysteria, especially in this day and age.

Social media, satellite TV, radio and the like make opinions immediately available to a massive audience. Nowadays, stress and anxiety can be spread faster than a deadly virus. Quarantine is all but impossible. Again, placing focus on reaction to all of it would be key.

Are some people more prone to stress than others?

In absence of explanation, labels have been placed on behavior. For instance, some people are labelled with “anger issues” and recommended to “anger management” in absence of explanation of their rage. And what of “high-strung” people? We have all known that person in our life who is always “stressed out” or constantly worried. We’ve even labelled them with “anxiety” for lack of explanation. Yes, there may be deeper issues that go along with it, but are there any factors which can be directly controlled?

Can physical issues cause stress levels to peak?

Short answer? Yes. A broader look reveals that there are physical factors compounding the individual stress issue. Here is where the contagion may begin: proneness to stress. Stress can be precipitated by the body’s inability to deal with it. This is not natural or normal, but it is understandable. The body should be able to handle tremendous levels of stress, but only in completely healthy condition. Further, stress can exacerbate health issues. Basic needs of proper nutrition, minerals, sleep and lack of injury or pain must be met. The influence of stress on the individual is virtually governed by the health factor alone.

Health and wellness: a much more prominent public issue than politics

One of the most overlooked factors of mass hysteria is individual ability to deal with stress. In fact, declining wellness has weakened our defenses against stress. And, it is spreading. Processed foods, soil depletion and poor nutritional choices are major culprits. Lacking nutrition, the body is not able to function well, let alone combat stress. Lack of sleep, exercise and relaxation has further compounded the problem. Take away heated political issues and discussion, end all war and conflict, and you are yet left with stressed-out masses. And, they will still become hysterical over something in their current condition.

What is a good way to handle personal stress and mass hysteria?

It is obvious that there is no single factor which will handle the overall problem. It is also clear that just handling the environmental factors themselves is not enough. Health issues yet make people prone to stress and anxiety. That is still a recipe for hysteria.

A good start would be to work on factors you can control. Quitting processed food products and eating highly nutritious meals alone can change the body considerably. Normalized blood sugar levels and restored sleep cycles can make for 8 hours of rejuvenating sleep. We all know that when we have not eaten or slept, our mood is seldom good. The moral of the story is, being able to remain calm despite what is going on around you is something you can control and safeguards against contagion. Mass hysteria can be handled by helping individuals deal.

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