Magnesium: Trick or Treat?

Could magnesium be the difference between trick and treat this Halloween?

It’s funny to think of minerals around Halloween but there is quite a significance to them, especially regarding magnesium. In fact, it may be the most important. While it is responsible for many body processes, one stands above the rest in this regard: blood sugar regulation. With Halloween being a “holiday of sweets” it’s clear what this means. Halloween is also a sort of gateway to “the Holidays” which seem to be filled with nothing but sugar spikes for the rest of the year. Getting to know this mineral becomes crucial.

Mineral blood sugar regulation

Magnesium, plain and simple, is responsible for regulating blood sugar. Many are unaware of this. Some know it well. Many sufferers of Diabetes know it a little too well. Unfortunately, it is often deficient. Responsible for so many body processes, the body suffers. Sugar is a major factor.

Magnesium can be taken but left unused

One of the prime issues with magnesium is that it has special requirements. The body requires a sufficient supply of calcium to absorb it. In fact, without calcium, magnesium goes unused. So there is a delicate balance between the two. Most people, unaware of this, become deficient in one or both of these minerals. The results can be disastrous. Many conditions can occur. Problems with blood sugar levels are common.

Mineral deficiency: cause and effect

Not only can magnesium deficiency cause blood sugar problems, it can happen as a result of sugar intake. Even small doses of sugar can have devastating effects on the body. This can happen indirectly as a result of a crash in magnesium levels caused by the sugar. Once the mineral is deficient, other issues occur. Anything from osteoporosis to aches and pains can happen. It is surprising how many physical ailments can happen just from sugar consumption. So, sugar’s effects can depend on magnesium being present, but also can cause it to deplete.

Getting enough of this important mineral

Obviously, getting more magnesium both prior to and after sugar consumption is key. There are many sources of magnesium. Due to soil depletion, however, magnesium is lacking in many foods and supplementation is necessary. Further, calcium is required for its absorption. Again, depletion can make this difficult. Supplements are always key.

A solution to sugar consumption?

While there is no end-all solution to sugar intake, except for abstaining from it, there are things you can do to keep its effects at a minimum. Supplementation of magnesium, along with its “partner” calcium can be just the trick. In ample supply and ideal combination, your body can be ready for the effects of such things as sugar. Though this isn’t a license for overindulgence, it can be a safeguard against it. Keeping up with mineral levels before and after sugar consumption is key.

Try Instant CalMag-C. Its unique combination of these two vital minerals is designed to provide the body with what it needs for many processes, including blood sugar regulation. While there is no “magic bullet” for sugar, Instant CalMag-C can help safeguard and provide the body what it needs to do its job with blood sugar regulation and many other important functions. See what changes can happen for you this year!


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