Low Fat Diets Are Low Results Diets

If you want to lose weight, low fat diets mean low-quality results

It sounds absurd. You want to lose fat. So you just cut dietary fat, right? No. As logical as it sounds, body fat does not come from fat intake. It is from a different source. It accounts for many diet failures. So, why don’t low fat diets work? How do you get results? Just understanding a couple of factors about what fat is made of and how the body loses it is a game-changer for sure.

Losing weight not dependent on cutting fat

Body fat does not come from ingested fat. It is manufactured by the body. The “natural resource” used to manufacture it is sugar. Whether taken directly or converting it from carbohydrates, sugar sets off a chain reaction in the body that makes it start constructing and storing up fat cells. Fat, essentially, comes from sugar.

Accelerating weight loss

Once you know the source of fat production, you can better control it. Eating a low fat diet has little to do with it. Cutting carbohydrates, and finding what else you can eat, is key in this regard. The body can stop producing fat cells and give you a chance to lose the stored ones. In the end, weight loss can be achieved. The body can now excrete the fat cells.

Low fat diets are easier than low sugar diets

While it is easy to cut fat, cutting sugar can be difficult. Rapid metabolic changes in the body can make things difficult for the person trying to lose weight. Sugar can be very addictive and can cause withdrawal symptoms when reduced. Even vitamins and minerals can become depleted as a result. This can make the whole process very uncomfortable and impossible to complete. Here is why many fail at dieting.

A miracle mineral or two that can help

Calcium and magnesium to the rescue! That’s right. Calcium combined with magnesium in an exact ratio can be all that is needed to avert withdrawal symptoms. This is good news for those trying to lose weight. In absence of withdrawal symptoms, there is less of an urge to give up due to discomfort. Calcium and magnesium have a relaxing effect and keep the muscles from getting painful or achy. With discomfort averted, it is more likely someone will stick to the diet. Many weight loss professionals recommend calcium and magnesium supplementation for any diet.

Losing weight can be simple, effective and painless if you follow these principles.

Get calcium and magnesium the way the body intended it

How do you get calcium and magnesium? It’s not as simple as it seems. There are precise forms of these minerals the body requires. They also must be in a 2:1 ratio and have a pH balanced environment. Instant CalMag-C was produced based on this formula and is in the exact form needed by the body. These minerals go to work quickly on the body to give it what it needs. The result can be nothing short of miraculous. Many people have said they felt the results immediately.

Try it today and see how it can help you in your efforts to lose weight.

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