Low Bone Density, High Osteoporosis Risk


Poke enough holes in anything and it becomes weaker, more brittle and breaks easily. This explains bone density and Osteoporosis risk.

We’ve all heard of Osteoporosis and perhaps think of it as a condition our grandma once had. But what is it and why has there been such a buzz about it?

Osteoporosis is a condition of lowered bone density due to porous bones. The larger and more numerous the pores, the lower the bone density and the worse the condition.

It is for these reasons that checking bone density, a process called “bone densitometry”, is workable in predicting risk of Osteoporosis.

Who is at risk for Osteoporosis?

According to the National Osteoporosis Foundation, the number of Americans who have Osteoporosis and low bone mass is about 54 million, and studies which have been done point to ratios of up to one in two women and one in four men over 50 that will break a bone as a result.

Women, particularly in the 50+ age range, are more prone, with good, if unfortunate, reason. For, during menopause, as well as throughout their lifetime of menstrual cycles, they experience deficiency that directly contributes to low bone density or mass. Hence they become prime for Osteoporosis.

What are the ramifications of lowered bone mass or density?


One word: breakage.

As is easily deduced, a bone which is “full of holes” is weaker and more brittle than a normal, healthy one, and can break much more easily. Therefore, even a slip or trip, bump or light fall could cause bone fractures or breakages.

Hence, specialists admonish that bone density should not be taken lightly.

What lowers bone density and causes osteoporosis?


According to emedicinehealth.com, “If calcium intake is not sufficient or if the body does not absorb enough calcium from the diet, bone production and bone tissue may suffer. Thus, the bones may become weaker, resulting in brittle and fragile bones that can break easily” implying that calcium is a prime suspect or the culprit itself.

Calcium, so vital to other body functions, is indeed a governing factor and is listed as the mineral of importance in prevention through maintenance of good, healthy bone density. There are, however, no one-shot fixes. Tandem solutions are required.

Bone disease prevention requires not one, but multiple elements.

Common suggestions of osteoporosis prevention are regular bone density screenings, adequate vitamin D and calcium intake as well as exercise. Often suggested individually by various specialists, a more holistic approach can yield a higher-quality result.

Whereas illnesses and disease tend to have multiple causes and therefore specialties can fall short of solution, tandem action achieved between specialists can derive a far greater benefit to the patient.

With Calcium and Magnesium, Tandem Action Is Key

Calcium, to absorb and be used, requires 4 simultaneous conditions.

Just as it is not beneficial to super-specialize on one focused area of diagnosis and treatment, neither is it worthwhile to intake a vitamin or mineral without looking at what other requirements it may have for use by the body. This is what is commonly called “balanced” nutrition. Taking vitamins and minerals is invaluable unless they are in balance with or complement each other in a way the body can use them.

Calcium, the leading factor of osteoporosis prevention, has a few requirements of its own. First, there are several forms of calcium, yet only one is useable by the body. Secondly, even in proper form, it must have a proper form of magnesium to activate it, while, third, both are in proper ratio – requirements of each by the body not being equal. Lastly, the body must achieve an exact acidity to start the reaction.

Just as exercise alone without nutrition and exercise will not resolve bone density, neither will calcium work in absence of its 3 other requirements. The key is tandem action.

Calcium can be a vital tool to prevention of osteoporosis?

Knowing how valuable calcium is and how senior is its importance in treatment and prevention, it would seem important to get the balance just right. For, without that balance and the four required factors, calcium is but a worthless rock mined from the earth, doomed to build up a deposit in the body with sometimes devastating consequences, as in arthritis or kidney stones.

There is one product formulated based upon the four tandem requirements: Instant CalMag-C. It was designed not only with usability in mind, but rapid absorption for immediate use by the body. It therefore becomes an excellent course of calcium to assist in ensuring healthy bone density and mass, prevention of osteoporosis and other conditions as well as a supply of the mineral for the numerous other body functions that require it. And, a good-working body is a healthy one indeed.

Diets are deficient enough in vitamins and minerals, if for only the lack of time in the average person’s schedule to eat properly. Instant CalMag-C is a great way to get your calcium to maintain health now and for the future.

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