Love and Life-Long Romance With Wellness!

Loving yourself before anyone else starts with being well!

We’ve all heard it and know it well…

“Before you love anyone, you must love yourself!”

But, is falling in love with yourself any different than falling for that most special other.

We go on about the ideal mate, someone who meets all over our desires, standards and needs. We are always searching for “the one” in our quest for love.

When it comes to ourselves in our own physical well-being, however, we tend to fall short of setting standards for love.

And, in lieu of such vital criteria, we yet long to find a better love while we endure a “bad relationship” with none other than ourselves!

But, what if we set these standards the way we do for others? What would they look like and “who” would we end up with? Who, after all, is our “dream self” and how do we find it?

While we are encouraged to love “in sickness and in health” in the oldest tradition, we inherently sense that our own personal wellness is the most ideal love there is.

If we are to find our “ideal love” as a version of ourselves, we must understand what ideal well-being is, what optimum function consists of and how to achieve it.

What ‘bad relationship’ factors do we need to avoid with ourselves?

It is difficult to say with any exactitude what “bad factors” to watch out for. There are two basic reasons for this.

First, there are numerous, non-optimum health conditions that do not manifest pain or discomfort and so remain hidden from view.

Second, and more importantly, when we don’t understand basic function of our bodies, how can we know when they have broken down?

Luckily, it is not any stupidly on your part that is to blame. It is the stupidity that surrounds you, cleverly mixed in with the intelligent.

Just as our ideal mate is occluded within a sea of less-than-perfect matches, so is our ideal state of health. And that is hidden behind the most basic body function of all, an innate intelligence that lives within us, hidden in plain sight!

How do you find it?

How do you find the basic malfunctions that keep you from your first love, the wellness you want to spend the rest of your life with?

You wouldn’t consider spending the rest of your life with someone who does meet certain standards. And you pre-define them in seeking your significant other.

Wellness is similar.

But what is the ideal state of health and how do you define it?

Relationships tend to become “dysfunctional” when you don’t strive for the ideal. In a similar way, health follows the same pattern. And one basic makes it obvious…

The only way you can identify “dysfunction” is to understand “function” in its ideal sense. If you don’t know what proper function is, you will never be able to recognize a malfunction, even when it is otherwise obvious.

The obvious becomes oblivious and along we go, blissfully unaware, yet sensing our own dissatisfaction and unhappiness.

How do you recognize malfunction?

The best way to recognize malfunction is to understand function itself.

As a matter of fact, knowing true function provides way more than mere recognition of dysfunction. It can provide prediction of it, and therefore PREVENTION!

What is ideal function?

Much like love, it all has to do with balance and harmony.

The human body is designed to be the epitome of optimum function.

Look at it. There is balance and strength of structure. There is a tireless flow of efficient communication via intricate channels. There are systems which cooperate and work in harmony.

When you consider it, the human body is beyond ideal. For what it does it is near-perfect!

So how does it break down?

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What is the difference between function and dysfunction? The answer lies in YOU!

It’s true.

The only thing that can disrupt the harmony of this most perfect machine is its experience. And who gives it its experience but you and the things you encounter in your environment.

From birth (and before) it is subject to stresses of the environment and can be thrown off balance. Basic structure is compromised and it all proceeds form there. Nerves become irritated, muscles weaken and, suddenly, the external environment can invade.

Couple this with poor habits in giving it the fuel it needs for basic operation and it doesn’t take a genius to see what can go wrong. Setting it off its natural balance, withholding some of its most basic needs, it begins to react badly.

This is the moment the “romance is gone” from the relationship. It’s astounding, the parallel to relationships between people.

But there is no “breakup” to end the agony.

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How can you change your body into your ideal “match”?

There is a simple, 3-step process.

1. Understand basic structure, balance and function.

2. Master how to support and fuel it, and keep it functioning in real time.

3. Handle malfunctions by tracing their cause back to their original function, don’t just mute, “shut them up” or ignore them.

Every relationship has a basis, it needs to be perpetuated in real time and needs to be debugged when it breaks down, not by arguing with every little thing, but getting back to the fundamental agreements on which the relationship was funded.

Your relationship with your body is the same. “Shutting up” or fighting symptoms only creates longstanding resentment and future “arguments” whereas getting to the bottom of the issue resolves it going forward.

Structure balanced, strengthened and fueled, cared for from all angles to ensure everything works properly, problems can be prevented.

Hence, a life-long relationship with your body about which you can say “and, we never had a fight!

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What can you do that supports all 3 aspects of your ideal you?

One component that supports all three steps is the dynamic duo, that powerful combination of calcium and magnesium. Apart, these minerals can lay dormant, unused and even hinder function.

Taken in correct form, combined properly, in a precise environment and proportion, these minerals not only come alive, but they are what a loving relationship is founded upon. It could be said they are the very minerals of life.

All three components rely on them, comprising, literally, hundreds of body features and processes. From bone strength and integrity, to muscle health and function, to nutritional composition and fulfillment, to even pain, tension and other symptomology, these minerals, used properly could be considered at the forefront of your most important relationship!

Instant CalMag-C is formulated on this exact combination of factors, modeled on how the body absorbs and utilizes these minerals. The result is a drink that mixes quickly and easily, absorbs instantly and is put to use immediately, particularly where deficiency is creating quite the ruckus.

Many “dysfunctional relationships” with the body, when caused by deficiency, can be turned for the better and resolved as has been experienced by many.

So, fall in love with your own personal wellness by adhering to these three simple steps. And reap the benefits of a life-long love who will never falter.

After all, did Shakespeare himself not utter, “to thine own self be true“?

It starts with you… Try Instant CalMag-C today!

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