Look, Don’t Listen

You’ll be surprised how healthy that can be 

We’re bombarded daily with data from every quarter. How does one decide what to accept and what to reject? What is true and what is not? Are we even aware, in fact, that not all we hear is truthful or correct? 

We’re mostly taught and conditioned not to question things but to accept them the way they are – because someone in “authority” said or wrote it. 

We’ve come to believe that “that’s just the way life is”. And we’ve learned it’s not acceptable to rock this fragile status quo boat. I learned it every time I stood out from the crowd with something different to say. 

And as life goes on our children step onto the same stage with the same rules, and so personal awareness, freedom and integrity further decay. Each generation becomes more tired and struggles harder. You don’t even notice it any longer because it’s all quite normal, isn’t it? That’s life. 

Well, for a moment, let’s stop and look – objectively – and block our ears to public relations speak. 

So, how do we go about this “looking” business anyway? Where do we look and what do we look for? Well, here’s a little gem that you can safely put your money on: STATISTICS. And I mean the actual statistics, not the PR version. 

The only way to accurately determine the beneficial value and/or potential menace of something is to study its track record: it’s stats. In other words, are conditions closer to the ideal or further removed? Is there less or more of something now than at a previous given time? Is it better or worse? Look, don’t listen. 

One area we can look at and see the statistics of quite easily is the area of health – our prime interest here. I’m talking about physical and mental health. General well-being. What are the stats in those areas? 

Are our children happier now than in our day? Are you happy? 

Medical science has made huge strides in development over the past four decades, or so they say. They claim their stats are up, but is it true? 

How come the physical and mental health of the planet’s population is rapidly declining as evidenced by more drugs, more addictions, more mental/spiritual upset, more delinquency and crime, more illiteracy and rocketing medical costs? If what they’re saying was true, you’d expect to see less ill health with a diminishing dependency on drugs, not a wider variety of the darn things. 

I’ve heard the argument that life is much faster and more stressful than when our forefathers were around. But, is that really true? If you look, you’ll see that they had stresses too, just of a different nature. Perhaps even more severe. They had to fend off all kinds of life-threatening dangers – the elements, wild animals and ruthless enemies. 

At any given moment they could be attacked or charging off to war under incredibly rough conditions. A deadly snake bite and a child at play could die within minutes.  A very dangerous environment. What makes modern existence worse? 

It starts with the basics such as our diets. Our forefathers ate a basic nutritious diet untainted by chemicals, additives and pesticides, so they got the necessary nutrients needed to help them deal with the challenges of daily survival. And only natural remedies were used, so the body could do its job. 

They didn’t have conglomerates engineering their food into the expensive, soulless garbage we eat today. They had no heavy drugs. Beer was beer – made naturally from hops, Nowadays, even alcohol is brimming with chemicals. 

A leading heavy-weight pharmaceutical company ran an ad explaining that antibiotics are no longer working because people are becoming immune to their effects. (A happily oblivious admission of complicity in the ill health of today?) They were patting themselves on the back, saying what good boys they are because they’re now producing even stronger ones, which eventually won’t work either as we become even more zombie-like. If it weren’t so ominous, it could be funny. 

These boys supply an increasing range of drugs to our doctors, pharmacists and even farmers – most farmers pump their livestock with synthetic hormones and antibiotics (ever wonder why so many people have problems with their weight and hormones?) 

Seldom do they give a prescription to follow a decent diet (if such a thing still exists!) but you sure can get a prescription for a bagful of meds. Merely blocking out symptoms, though highly profitable for the drug companies, never resolves the cause of any problem with the body. 

If there’s a noise in your car’s engine, wearing ear plugs doesn’t make it go away.

Well, enough of that rant. Obviously the stats are not good, so what’s the solution? 

Make sure you get the basics: hormone-free meat, organic fruit and veggies and good basic supplementation. (If they’re using hormones to fatten up the animals, guess who is also getting fatter?) 

Take a good food-source supplement along with calcium and magnesium. 

Instant CalMag-C Is made from two parts calcium gluconate and one part magnesium carbonate along with vitamin C to adjust the pH into the right range so the body can absorb it. It helps with thousands of body functions and is vital for good heart and muscle function, restful sleep, counteracts pain and helps reduce spasms, teething and colic.  

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DISCLAIMER: Nothing in this article or e-mail is meant to treat, diagnose, prevent or cure any medical condition. This email and all the information in it is not a substitution for medical care provided by a licensed medical doctor.

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