LASIK Eye Surgery Anxiety Relief Source

Lasik eye surgery anxiety is a real problem, especially for a procedure that requires stillness from the patient. Anxiety sources are not just helpful – they’re a must!

Sitting still for any procedure presents its challenges depending on what is being done. LASIK eye surgery anxiety presents an entirely new level of challenge. It requires absolute stillness while the laser light makes precision cuts.

What, however, is one to do about anxiety and its related restlessness during such a precise procedure? Modern procedures use drugs which cause a variety of side effects, not to mention a “drugged” feeling compounding the after-effects of the procedure. Clearly, a more proactive solution is needed and, it turns out, more knowledge about a source of anxiety is key.

Understanding sources of anxiety opens the door to its elimination.

LASIK eye surgery anxiety is not really any different than any other type of anxiety. And, though it accompanies a certain fearful state of mind, the body’s endocrine system provide accompanying physical symptoms, ones designed to support real fear of danger from which escape is necessary. This is called “fight or flight” and is an elevated state of excitement induced by adrenaline, the “emergency” hormone.

Without real imminent danger, why would anxiety come about? Minerals have one answer.

The endocrine and nervous systems are both key communication systems within the body and, when in top shape, do their jobs with minimal damage at times of emergency. In a deficiency of support however, these systems become quite faulty, and the effects are felt quite readily. Anxiety is no different. The culprit? Minerals. Specifically, in the case of anxiety, Magnesium has been named a chief suspect. Easily depleted from foods deficient in the mineral through soil depletion, the natural calming effects are felt by the nervous system and a fearful state of anxiety is one of the main results.

A mineral calming agent that may be present but unusable

Magnesium is a tricky mineral. You could have plenty of it yet not use any of it, making it just a rock that sits in your system and accumulates. Why? Magnesium has a “partner mineral” in calcium. It only works when properly combined with it. Further, only one singular form of each is usable and, both being very alkaline, these forms will only absorb when balanced by an acid. This complexity makes useless the efforts of many to even supplement, leaving a person with symptoms such as anxiety.

The magnesium solution

Clearly, magnesium deficiencies can create a state of nervousness and trigger LASIK eye surgery anxiety under the right conditions. Magnesium is a natural calming agent but only when certain conditions are met. So the solution is a little more involved.

Instant CalMag-C is laboratory formulated with exact forms of calcium and magnesium, with vitamin C as an acid to balance their alkalinity, and forms a mineral drink which which is instantly absorbable getting the body the minerals it needs quickly.

Try Instant CalMag-C and see what it can do for you. Getting proper magnesium can make all the difference. See what getting it in ample supply can do!

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