Kill That Pain Now!

A very little known fact is that calcium is a natural painkiller par excellence! It is one item that I would not be without at any time.

Did you know that the old medical text books recommended injections of calcium gluconate for the sharp stabbing pains of pleurisy (inflammation of the linings around the lungs), a pain that is apparently one of the worst that can be experienced.

Why calcium is not more widely used – and less painkillers – is a good question (you can’t patent it because Mother Nature has that one tied up).

To give you some idea of the power of calcium as a painkiller, if you inject large amounts of calcium gluconate into the veins of anyone suffering from excruciating pain it relieves it almost instantly.

Back to the pain-killing properties of calcium. If you take calcium before visiting a dentist, not only will it relax you but it’ll reduce the pain – making it more pleasant for the dentist too. Try it and see the difference.

Of course, be sure not to give anyone lots of sugar or carb loaded things to eat before their visit as that will just knock out their calcium.

If you’re pregnant, this mineral is vitally important for you and your growing baby and you would be amazed at how much easier the birth experience can be if you’re topped up with enough calcium. I speak from experience on this.

It is essential for maintaining normal muscle tone, good posture and strong muscle contractions, which makes it a must for childbirth.

It’s also vital for the clotting of your blood, which can be a matter of life or death, especially after an accident or during childbirth. Some nosebleeds can also be due to a deficiency of calcium.

Calcium will relieve any pain as long as it is absorbed so if you don’t experience relief from pain, your absorption is faulty. Calcium needs to be in a 2:1 ratio with magnesium in the proper pH balance to be absorbed. It also needs vitamin D to be present as well as vitamin F.

It has large particles and is difficult to absorb. Balanced up with the magnesium and vitamin C, the fizzing is caused by the large calcium particles being broken down into absorbable ones.

Instant CalMag-C has been formulated with two parts calcium gluconate to one part magnesium carbonate along with vitamin C to provide the correct pH. Because of its formulation, it is absorbed by your body almost instantly.

Always keep a bottle handy for the home, school and office to help anyone experiencing pain. Even mental pain.

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