Just When You Thought Age and Pain Go Together, Think Again…

And, you’re going to be stunned at how easily you can avoid it if you know this key…

Do you “carry” stress in your body somewhere? Does it manifest in your shoulders, your digestive, your neck or back.

Has it worsened a menstrual cycle or made muscle strengthening a chore? Or, are you just tired or fatigued, anxious, stressed or even depressed?

Have you felt your age working against you or ever wondered if the “pain-and-breakdown-come-with-age” thing is really a fact of life?

Well, it CAN be a fact and most certainly seems so in many cases. But, in fact, as common as it happens, it is actually NOT NORMAL AT ALL to experience pain, discomfort or malfunction naturally as a direct result of age…

There is not a single natural thing about it, and this is good news, not bad. Knowing about the why’s and wherefore’s of what really causes these things can help you not only to prevent them from occurring, but trace down their source and potentially fix them too!

Are pain and malfunction really unnatural to the aging process? I find that hard to believe!

You’re not wrong to question this bold statement. Your powers of observation have told you otherwise and these are good, sound observations. But there is a bit of a false sense of what’s what and, below the surface manifestations, there are deeper reasons hidden from view.

Before you start yelling “scandal” or suspecting controversy, there is a simpler answer to this. This is merely a misunderstanding and mix-up of two similar, but distinctly different terms: common and normal.

You see, it’s common for people, as they age, to experience more health issues than at earlier times in their lives. It happens all the time and there are countless cases of it happening. More importantly it has happened to people we know or in some cases to ourselves.

So the view of it, closer to home, leads us to believe exactly what we see. And we see health problems mounting parallel with the aging process.

It is this fact alone, how common it is that it happens, that gives the impression of “normal” to the causal observer.

And, this will inevitably become the norm unless you know this one thing that is also, out of view, running rampant…

Buildup of pain and malfunction as you age is almost guaranteed unless you know this…

Whether it is a severe menstrual cycle problem, a digestive issue, pain, stiffness or fatigue, they all trace back to some breakdown in basic, natural function of the body.

If you have ever been surprised by repairs needed on a car, you have experienced a similar phenomenon to this.

Most breakdowns start with some unnoticed, minor problem. Perhaps it is in the steering or the brakes and, below your radar and the detection of the car’s computer, this basic problem begins development into something worse.

This problem worsens over time (a much longer period than the instant it took for the car to break down or the short period when you started noticing it).

But everyone makes the same mistaken assumption with their car: cars go into disrepair with age!

This is also not an entirely true statement as-is. It should say, “cars TEND to go (common) into disrepair with age, IF certain functions of the car are not monitored, maintained and kept in good working order.”

And unless you know what these are, you are pretty much doomed to suffer, however unnecessarily. And it is unnecessary in the absence of one small piece of knowledge…

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What’s the one thing to know about your body to keep it from malfunctioning with age and defy all belief?… You won’t believe it!

Function, function, function.

Maybe that counts as three things but, all kidding aside, understanding that much is all you need to know to shift from “common-normal” to “normal-normal” and get your shot at beating the odds on the problems of aging.

If you understand basic structure of the body and how it functions, what its actual requirements are to maintain and operate, it really is as simple as taking care of a car.

Most people ignore their cars and leave it all up to the dreaded “check engine” light and sit on pins and needles while a mechanic reads the codes before telling us what size repair bill we are in for. This is the price you pay for not knowing what a mechanic knows.

But your mechanic doesn’t know about “broken cars” and dysfunction. He knows about how cars FUNCTION and THAT is all you need to know to prevent or fix MALfunction.

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You can very likely develop pain and malfunction as you age unless you know two things about preventing it…


This is the simple fact that opens the door to preventing such conditions from occurring or remedying things that go wrong.

And there are two things that you need to know about function itself that will be your ticket to creating your own state of wellness and defying the “Aging Theory” of pain and malfunction.

First, understand that the basic structure of your body is designed to process and burn fuel for you to be able to accomplish things. The structure is set up so these things happen smoothly, without incident, and can withstand environmental stresses.

This involves your muscular, skeletal and nerve structure and its capacity to support all the motions and functions of everyday life. From pumping blood to regulating blood sugar, to just allowing you to lift things, sleep, etc., ALL functions are subject to this.

Then there is fuel itself. This is nutrition and is what drives all such functions.

Many people (even doctors sometimes) make the mistake of focusing on one or the other, however, each is not only important, but is nothing without the other.

Structure must be as close to its original blueprint and plans as possible and the functions must be propelled properly. If either breaks down, the whole system breaks down.

Just as you need to put gas in the talk of your car, so do you need working components to use the gas. If your components break down, gasoline is worthless. If your components are perfect, running out of gas renders them useless.

And so will you be if you lack either!

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What can you do about aging to make it not work against you?

Having your basic structure cared for and supported is paramount. It is perhaps even more important because of the implications when it breaks down.

Having your body’s component parts in working order is one thing, but if they are badly positioned such that they are interfering with each other where they should be working together, this is a “check engine” waiting to happen.

Imagine trying to lift weights with a separated shoulder. Out of position, it cannot perform. This is the story of why posture is so significant. It shows and indicates imbalances which are causing interference in the internal workings of everyday function.

Then again, try to lift weights with a perfect shoulder which is not fueled with what it needs to function, let alone build muscle, and you’ve similarly got a TOTAL FAIL on your hands.

As far as fuel is concerned, there are many things you can do to learn about and support that fuel function. Knowing about minerals, for instance, such as calcium and magnesium and how they fuel muscle and nerve function, not to mention support your base structure, you can change your game on having proper body function.

Mastering an understanding of what your base functions are and what each function needs is your ticket to providing your body with the best fuel and greatest “fuel economy” there is.

One of the things you can do is to supplement any deficiencies, particularly of calcium and magnesium which, collectively, are responsible for between 3-600 body functions. You can see just from this alone what types of malfunction can occur, REGARDLESS OF AGE, in their absence.

Instant CalMag-C supplement beverage parallels body function in its formulation according to how the body absorbs and utilizes these two most important of all minerals. The results are fast as the body can absorb this drinkable supplement mix instantly and put these minerals to use immediately.

So instead of looking at aging to place the blame, find the areas of deficiency and supplement them with Instant CalMag-C.

The only thing that will be “getting old” will be the pain!

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