Jet Lag Can’t Compete With Your 2 Best Friends

2 companions prove priceless when it comes to jet lag and travel exhaustion

Face it, the holiday season brings with it lots more travel than that to which we are normally accustomed. And, as for jet lag, it can happen from even a short weekend car excursion. Travel exhaustion is more common than one would think and it can wipe you out. But, can your fellow travelers contribute to the problem? Perhaps so. Two companions, however, can be your best friend when it comes to jet lag.

Jet lag is not just from jets

While the most common reported cause of jet lag is the crossing of time zones, its symptoms do not require a jet or a time difference. All it requires is that you develop certain symptoms from the fact of traveling. This can be anything from a short road trip to a trip around the world. It doesn’t even have to be a business trip. Vacations can be the worst-offending culprits when it comes to jet lag. Symptoms vary and include difficulty sleeping, fatigue, concentration issues and many more. For many sufferers, no airplane of any kind was required. These have become facts of life.

The culprit: change of routine…

Travel exhaustion, jet lag and the like come from many sources. For travel interrupts normal routines which may have not included great self-care habits in the first place. Travel can exacerbate and magnify minor issues one may already have by drastically changing the routine. Sleep and relaxation patterns, diet and even cognitive process patterns vary from their norm. Of all causes, nutrition is paramount. Lacking nutrition, body functions suffer and symptoms begin to appear.

Nutritional deficiency is definitely a major player when it comes to jet lag and travel exhaustion. It’s almost inevitable for many.

Your two besties when it comes to travel

While many vitamins and minerals are involved in these deficiencies, few have the impact of two vital minerals: calcium and magnesium. These minerals alone are responsible for hundreds of body processes ranging from blood sugar regulation to sleep cycles and all in between. Jet lag symptoms such as exhaustion, fatigue, sleep issues and many more can be triggered by a lack of one or both of these minerals. This makes obtaining them a prime objective to a traveler and, when supplemented correctly, they can be journeyman’s best friend and travel companion.

How can your two best friends help prevent jet lag and travel fatigue or exhaustion? 

Consider the facts. Calcium and magnesium deficiencies can cause a host of problems, being themselves responsible for hundreds of body processes. They become deficient easily and so can trigger jet lag and its many symptoms. The body, having specific requirements to obtain these minerals in ample supply, needs help getting them in proper form and ratio. These are some of the reasons jet lag may occur and can be answers on how to prevent or even handle it.

While a trip to the doctor for regular wellness checkups is warranted, there is nothing wrong with taking the initiative to ensure good health, particularly when changing the routine to include travel habits. Supplements can help drastically in this regard.

Instant CalMag-C is an excellent source of calcium and magnesium and provides a proper ratio and form of both. Try it today as a travel companion and see if calcium and magnesium become your best friends too, whether you are on the road or just navigating though life. And you don’t have to travel far and wide to get them. Order some today!

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