Is Viral Gut Stress a Thing and Can You ‘Catch’ It?

There you are with someone who is visibly upset.

You get that uncomfortable “feeling in your gut” and start becoming a little annoyed.

You were perfectly happy but somehow, even physically, you don’t feel as “happy” as you were before and maybe quite irritated.

Did you ever have an argument with someone in traffic? You were having a perfectly nice day and suddenly you feel different.

This is how stress can be considered viral or contagious. And, when we “catch” that stress from someone else, it can manifest itself physically.

Blindsided, we only fall prey to it. Prepared, we can be ready to repel or avert it.

A stomach built for digesting AND stressing!

Plain and simple, the machine itself must be in good working order for both normal function and emergency response. This sounds ridiculously simple because it really is.

The support systems for digestion come form glands circulating hormones about the body and keeping everything in sync, whether just digesting food or preparing you to run away from danger.

Without such support, it doesn’t matter how “healthy” a gut you keep. It needs the support functions.

These glands and organs are kept working in harmony by the nervous system which must be able to circulate nerve energy as “communication” to keep things working.

Block the nerve energy, you block the organs and glands, alter hormone function and undersupply the digestive process or the entire emergency response system.

Without these processes working properly, the body malfunctions. Here is when and why you get “contagious” or “viral” gut issues. The stress of the environment becomes yours without a functioning system to fend it off.

And then there is the fuel on which these processes operate…

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What fuel does the nervous system require to power body function?

Once again we have one thing dependent upon another.

Calcium is key to over 300 body processes including proper nerve function and power conduction. But it too needs help. It’s “partner” mineral, magnesium, is required to activate it and put it to use.

In other words calcium can’t do its job without it!

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Let’s review the long chain of processes that need to take place for your gut to work…

Okay, the gut needs to be able to digest food, but also must respond in an emergency.

To do this, it requires hormones secreted from glands which depend upon nerves and electrical communication energy from the brain to remain in-sync.

The propulsion process and the energy itself requires calcium which itself requires a team-up with magnesium. And to top it all off, there is a certain chemical environment required for these two to react and assist one another.

It is a delicate balance. Do this and you have normal, happy function. Without it, gut issues are just the beginning!

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Start by supplying calcium and magnesium…

Instant CalMag-C dials back this process to the beginning and starts with the basics.

Based on how the body absorbs and utilizes these minerals, it is formulated for instant absorption and immediate use. Starting at the beginning of this “chain reaction” it becomes simple to stimulate proper body function and response.

Just imagine, with over 300 body processes reliant upon them, what would happen if these two vital minerals, calcium and magnesium, were deficient? Only then will you realize the miraculous effects that can happen when you fulfill their deficiency!

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