Is the Beach the Only Place to Find Rest and Relaxation?

Compared to the few times you visit the beach, how do you relax otherwise and elsewhere?


A term which has been relegated to half of what we all hope to have once, maybe twice per year: rest and relaxation, that coveted “R&R” everyone seems to want!

Somehow, the beach has become associated with this evasive R&R we all seek, leading to the impression that the answer to the root of all stress is to take a vacation or at least a day off to head to the beach, workable at times we are able to get away.

Save those who may live at the beach, what about the other more than three hundred days the rest of us must endure to suffer stress, tiredness, fatigue and the like? Is this the price to pay for the few days a year we can relax?

If you understand how the body works, and what makes it relax, the answer is no, and relaxation is indeed possible year-round!

Relaxation is internal, not at the beach!

What would it really take to relax? While the sea has a magical, somewhat mystical influence upon us, a look within the body reveals something more tangible and intelligible.

At first glance, it would seem one would need to strive to understand why the body gets stressed or tense. This is true enough, but stressed by comparison to what?

This approach neglects one factor: what is the optimum, relaxed state for the body.

If we never find a way to describe what the body is like in its ideal, non-stressed state, what the optimum level of wellness and function look AND feel like, relaxation is arbitrary.

So, what is the ideal body and how do we achieve it?

The first step to year-round ‘R&R’: understanding the perfection of the body

With all the stress we suffer it seems difficult to believe that the body could be perfect. But it’s blueprint proves it to be a balanced machine and a symphony of body systems working in harmony.

It is perhaps the most intricate, complex and miraculous piece of machinery ever.

Before we understand what isn’t “perfect” about it, we must understand what a perfect body is.

Without imbalances in the body which predispose you to many symptoms such as pain and stress, relaxation is a vital function, not to merely make you feel good, but to effect proper motion of the muscles to do everyday tasks.

From walking to lifting, to even sitting, standing or sleeping, relaxation is half of a motion partnership with its counter-part: contraction.

Just lifting your wallet takes a sequence of contractions and relaxations of the necessary muscles to lift your arm.

Not to oversimplify what goes into basic body function, but one of the mineral keys is another tandem partnership between calcium and magnesium.

Calcium is responsible for contraction while magnesium is responsible for relaxation. A rather simplistic function, it becomes easy to see where this can go awry with mineral deficiency alone!

So do I just go out an buy some magnesium and my life becomes a beach?

Not exactly…

Due to its powerful relaxation properties, many make the mistake of thinking just taking some magnesium in the form of a supplement is their “ticket to paradise” so to speak.

But, magnesium has properties when it comes to absorption into the body and its use.

It must be accompanied by calcium, both minerals in precise form and ratio and with other catalysts and conditions present. It is not a mere consumption of the one mineral. Again, it is a symphony of function. And the body will not use them otherwise.

Knowing why the body gets stressed uncovers how to de-stress and relax!

The solution? There may be many. And, the fact there may be many other factors present kicking the body out of its ideal state can not be ignored. But mineral deficiency, particularly of these mineral giants, is more common than you might expect.

Supplementing them takes precision and that’s where Instant CalMag-C has its shining moment.

Formulated in precision form and ratio, it works with the body’s natural absorption process to not only mix instantly, but instantly absorb and get to work.

The results with relaxation can be astounding, and just may give that trip to the beach a run for its money! And for many, it has made life a beach year-round!

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