Is Stress Blocking Healthy Blood Pressure?

What decides the difference between high and normal blood pressure?

Regardless of what type of stress you have in your life, it affects many body functions. Perhaps the most well-known effect is high blood pressure.

Common as it is, this condition is not normal.

But stress itself is not a cause. It is a trigger. And there must be some pre-existing imbalances in the body for the condition to occur. Mineral deficiency is one of the foremost imbalances.

Understanding this fact alone can mean the difference between high and normal blood pressure.

How does stress affect blood pressure?

This is a trick question. Stress is a trigger, not a cause.

Did you ever notice two similar people can experience the same environmental triggers but react differently?

This has to do with predisposition.

Imbalances within the body can predispose you to certain conditions. Such imbalances range from physical aspects, such as physical strain and injury, to malnutrition and deficiency.

So what might trigger blood pressure to raise abnormally?

Which minerals regulate blood pressure?

While there are numerous minerals which work in tandem for various body functions, there are three key ones that regulate blood pressure: magnesium, calcium and potassium.

And, whereas all three are important, magnesium and calcium have a special significance. For these minerals have an abundance of other responsibilities. Stress response is among the most significant, especially when it comes to healthy blood pressure.

What can minerals do that stress can’t?

While they don’t make you bulletproof, calcium and magnesium, when at proper levels in the body, can themselves be a virtual “bulletproof vest” in that they protect against external stress triggers.

Magnesium itself is responsible for all things relaxation, and among the 300 or so functions it regulates, blood pressure is near the top of the list.

The muscles themselves rely on contraction and relaxation, alternatively, to support any and all human activities. Magnesium is what causes muscles to relax in perfect synchronization with contraction functions.

Imagine if the muscles could not relax after you flexed them. Not only would you feel stressed, but other factors would come into play. Blood pressure would certainly be affected.

How do you control blood pressure and maintain healthy levels?

While there is a wealth of information on how to live stress-free and with healthy blood pressure, understanding the composition of the body and the importance of the essential minerals that support life is perhaps most significant.

Calcium and magnesium have proven time and again to be front-and-center when it comes to mineral composition. Magnesium has more than proven its case as a contender in the battle against stress and abnormal blood pressure. Getting it in its correct form and getting the body to use it is paramount to building real health and proof up against stress triggers in the environment.

Instant Calmag-C is basically reverse-engineered based on how the body absorbs and utilizes minerals in the ideal. It is composed of the body’s required forms of calcium and magnesium, recognizing that the two work in tandem in form and ratio. The formulation works with the body to help it absorb quickly and get these minerals put to use.

While it won’t stop bullets, Instant Calmag-C can be the difference between stress penetration or ricocheting off of you, and in the case of deficiency, a possible difference between healthy and abnormal blood pressure. Try it today and see what effects it may have on how stress effects you!

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