Is Stress Behind All the Unrest in America and Other Nations?

Are imbalances in the body causing predisposition to stress and fueling the unrest?

Good question.

We know there are certain imbalances which can occur in the body which weaken its defenses to stress.

From nutritional deficiency to physical malformity, we can easily become predisposed to environmental stress and end up holding it, physically, especially in the neck, shoulders and back.

But does this make us prone to upset, and can the effects accumulate to civil hysteria and unrest?

Logic points to the answer and a feasible explanation a simple solution can often confirm.

Civil unrest is not a mass, but a collective of individuals…

Sure, there need to be stigma. Yes, there needs to be a source of environmental stress. No, we are not impervious to any of it.

But, what about the stress we “carry” or hold in our most vulnerable areas. It is certain it affects us physically as well as emotionally. And this can be contagious.

Remember that last time you hadn’t eaten or slept? When you were “hangry” or cranky or just plain stressed out? Of course it is easy to recall.

But what of those who we have interacted with during these times? Haven’t we tended to affect their demeanor. We have all observed the contagion of our mood and the adverse effects it has.

So can this really turn into group stress?

Mass hysteria or mass stress? Same thing?

Of course, we are talking in fundamentals here. And while there are many reasons the arguments of today can be heated, with lots of logical explanations (which never seem to solve the issues) it seems clear that if people are stressed out, they are less able to cope in heated or stressful situations and circumstances.

Think about it. What if you were babysitting a 5-year-old who hasn’t had a nap, slept terrible the night before and was hungry? Now, imagine you were expected to teach a kindergarten class full of them. Do you think these factors may make a difference?

A satisfactory answer for you will lie within your answer to the following question: would you rather teach kindergarteners with sufficient or deficient rest? The choice is yours and so is the answer.

All “kidding” aside, undue effects of stress can compound in groups of individuals

Stress can be individual, but when a group of stressed individuals come together, there can be a compounded result. And, as a group, can become less able to cope with the environmental stigma.

The bright side is that, all considered, a state of calm seems possible, with all the contributing factors isolated.

But how to handle it?

Balance the imbalances that lead to carrying stress!

As for physical imbalances, there are many causes and indicators. Posture issues are especially prevalent and symptomatic of imbalances. For things to appear off-balance they must be structurally imbalanced in some way. There are many ways to address these issues head-on.

One of the foremost “enemies of calm” however, is deficiency of the two minerals that could be considered a “dynamic duo” of stress protectors: calcium and magnesium.

These minerals are responsible for the proper and necessary contraction and relaxation of the muscles (respectively) and, absent, can leave one wide open to the effects of environmental stress.

Carrying stress physically, therefore, is not necessary in a great many cases and supplementation is key. And, though lack of nutrients sometimes results due to a deficient diet, such can also derive from a depletion. No matter the cause, deficiency is key. Supplementation is needed in either of these two more-than-common scenarios.

Instant CalMag-C is formulated to work with the body in a very natural way. It is engineered with the exact process in mind that the body uses to absorb and use these powerful and essential minerals. The result is not only something that mixes instantly into a drinkable supplement, but is rapidly absorbed and used by the body.

When it is deficiency that is creating the trouble, the results of using the powerful mineral combination can be astounding. Night-and-day effects have been reported.

Multiplied times the number of deficient people supplementing, a calming effect can yet be made on the environment.

Maybe the arguments will never die down, but can America (and other nations) become calm again? It all starts with you, your stress and your body. Let’s see how stress free a nation we can be!

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