Is Colic (Spasms of the Bowel) Necessary?

Russian mother has success

Recently we became happy parents.

“When I was getting ready to become a mother, I studied a lot of material but did not conceive what it means “colic” on babies. Nobody could tell me exactly why it happened and how I could handle them. When I found that my baby had colic I did not know what to do. I started to use different ways, including giving her special medicines, magnesium, bacteria, but she got worse.

“Then I stopped giving her anything except breast milk and holding her in my arms all the time. I was exhausted in a couple of days.

“One midwife advised me to take calmag every day after I delivered a baby. I was taking one cup of CalMag-C every day and one cup of magnesium drink every day. I was thinking that the source of our troubles was something else. But my consultant on vitamins advised us to increase gradually the dose of Instant CalMag-C so I gradually increased my CalMag-C intake and I started to see the progress with my baby. It happened not in one day, but also gradually. So in two weeks from then my baby was all OK!

“So my baby is not now two months old and she is not suffering from colic though “professionals” say that it is normal for babies to suffer from colic until they are 3 months old. I wish everyone to have calm and healthy children!” 

Olga Tkacheva, Russia

Colic – What Is It?

Colic is usually associated with babies, but did you know that millions of adults suffer from it too?

Colic is actually severe abdominal pain caused by spasm, obstruction, or distention of the intestines. As we all know, a spasm is caused when a muscle tightens up and doesn’t relax.

An inability of muscles or organs to relax or stop spasming can be caused by deficiencies of calcium and magnesium.  When it comes to the intestines, it is important for peristalsis that the muscles contract and relax so they can push the food through your intestinal tract. If you’re deficient in either of these, the muscles can either not contract or not relax.

Many newborn babies suffer from this same condition. If the mother has been deficient in either of these minerals, guess what? Baby will be deficient too.

There is nothing more exhausting than having a new baby in the house who is suffering from colic.

Besides being deficient in calcium and magnesium and so unable to relax, the new mother has added stress in that she now has a crying unhappy baby who cannot relax. This just compounds the problem and so she becomes more stressed.


It’s simple to resolve this problem. Start using Instant CalMag-C a couple of times a day and increase gradually until both mother and baby have no more spasms and both are relaxed and happy.

Instant CalMag-C’s formulation is a crucial part of the solution to the problem. It has been formulated in a very specific way for fast absorption. It doesn’t have to be digested because it is ready for absorption the minute you drink it.

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